Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures

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Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures

Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures

Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures

Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures

Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures
bracciale collezione 1986

Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures

Interview with Jewelry Designer Mario Salvucci: Incredible Creatures

Born in Foligno in 1957 he designed jewelry for more than thirty years , first in Italy and then from 1982 in USA. In New York after working for other designers launched his first collection with the name “Mario Salvucci Jewelry” in the New Talents Show at the Artwear Gallery in 1985. His work is been represented by the Fragments Showroom in NY for fiftteen years and sold in the best american retail chains like Barneys and Neiman Marcus and also in Japan. His jewelry is been featured in all the major fashion magazines like Vogue , Elle and others. He did over the years private label work for companys like Ann Taylor and The Gap and others. Always researching new materials he started expanding his creative field into fabrics and interior designs. , in 1997 he received an International Design Award from IDRA for a project with recicled plastic. In 1999 after a trip in the Philippines and a collaboration with cooperative of women that made Abaca , a natual fiber handwoven textile , he started Progetto Lanterne with a show of lamps and photos at the Arce&Kwan Gallery in NY. In 2000 after a trip in India and a collaboration with a number of textile and embroidery handycraft people he created Kuri , a collection of shawls made from Tussar silk. In 2003 he return to live in Italy and start the new Progetto Lanterne with a limited edition series of prototypes of lamps , experimenting with different materials he return at the end to metal , lasercut alluninuim , and the “Electric Flowers” materialize. In 2011 after ten years he return to jewelry and launch the new collection “Incredibile Creatures”.
Tell us about Mario Salvucci as a jewelry designer and how your passion started. 
My love for hand making jewelry started when I was 16 and I was going after school to learn the trade for an old jeweler in my town in Italy. Soon I realized that this was going to be my life and few years later I moved to New York to follow my dream, started Mario Salvucci Jewelry and stayed 22 years !
Tell us about your design style. What makes your collections unique in the industry?
From my first collection in New York in 1986 I always tried to be different and unique with a style that was both contemporary and classic, modern and primitive at the same time and this was proved to be successful to the point that some of my designs of 20 years ago are still contemporary now so I made a re-edition of some of them in my latest collection RAW.
What kind of woman wears your jewelry?
A woman with a great personal style that is not afraid to show who she is.
As a jewelry designer, where do you draw your inspiration from?
Nature is always been my primary inspiration see my collection Incredible Creatures and I also love etruscan, roman, ethnic jewelry especially African that always inspired me.
What’s it like to see someone wearing one of your creations?
Is always of course a great pleasure because somehow I feel connected to this person since I believe that handmade jewelry has a special power and energy coming from the maker to the wearer.
What do you think is missing right now in the jewelry design industry?
Nothing, there are so many voices in the jewelry world that the only thing could be missing is a true personal different style from somebody that follow a dream and not a market !
What is your favorite piece you’ve ever created – and what made it so special?
I have so many in over more than 30 years of work but probably the most special one is the first piece that started Incredible Creatures, the Vedova Nera brooch that Diane Pernet inspired and became her signature look.
What advice would you give to someone interested in getting into the jewelry design business?
I have been thinking about this because recently I started to do workshops in my studio and contacted jewelry schools to do workshops and teach there. If that happen I will do my best to help my students to be creative, unique and true to themselves. A successful creation has to tell the others what we are.
What is your favorite space to create? 
In my studio with my dog Whistle sleeping next to me.
The most beautiful moment of your career is… ? 
I have been very fortunate over the years I had so many special moments in my career and I’m genuinely, equally, happy and thankful every time that happen. Maybe on top of the list is when I was contacted by Joyce Boutique to design a huge lamp/birdcage that I called La Cage des Anges for the entrance of their new store in Beijing few years ago just because is the biggest of my creation.


Where somebody can buy your jewelry line? 

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