Beauty bucket list: what every woman should try at least once

Most women enjoy taking care of their face and body, and they are ready to try out different products and ways to nurture their skin and improve their health.

Of course, there are things that shouldn’t be missed under no circumstances – if you need beauty tips, here is a bucket list that you need to have:

  1. Eating smart

A local grocery store is often of greater help to our skin than any skin product you could get. Strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C (essential for beautiful skin), while lentils will give you enough iron and zinc to have strongand shiny hair. Nuts like hazelnuts and almonds provide you with vitamin E, antioxidant important for repairing and protecting your skin. Veggies will provide you with at least one vitamin essential for your skin and hair health. Fish is definitely something that should often be on your plate – it is a great source of vitamin D and A, which prevents spots and cellulite from occurring, while omega-3 removes blemishes.

  1. Makeup necessities

Makeup is one of the essentials in a woman’s purse, so it’s very important to choose it wisely. Every makeup product should be of natural products, cruelty-free and of high quality. Lipstick should ideally be made of shea butter and jojoba, avocado and argan oils, which all nurture your lips, leaving a silky feeling. Vegan mascaras that don’t fall off on your cheeks are not easy to find, but certain cruelty-free beauty brands managed to create a mascara that doesn’t clump and moisturize your lashes. You also need to have an eyeshadow of neutral tone for your eyes, as it will give you a fresh look during the day, while it will accent the inner eye when you combine it with darker hues. Check for the ingredients: white tea and wild rose won’t dry out your eyelids, causing them to age prematurely. Pink blushers are something you should definitely have to give your skin a healthy look but pay attention when choosing the brand, because it’s really hard to get the pink shade without relying on insects. Luckily, there are brands which have pink blushes suitable for vegans that also suit dry, oily and combination skin.

  1. Get Bangs

This is the quickest way of changing your look without losing your hair’s length. Just find a really good hairdresser who will know what type of bangs will fit the shape of your face.

  1. Relaxing physical activity

Not every woman enjoys spending hours in the gym. If you are not the type, turn to activities that make you relaxed and happy. Activities we did when we were kids tend to motivate us to be disciplined and to enjoy at the same time, and you need to remember what it was. For example, most people spent their childhood riding a bike around the neighborhood. There are good and cheap bikes in an online bike store for enthusiasts like you, who want a relaxing hobby that will keep them healthy, fit, in touch with nature but also with people who can be your cycling partners!

  1. Find your perfect eyebrow shape

Eyebrows are often neglected, but they are one of the most important facial features. The shape made just for you can incredibly change your overall look. That’s why you need to seek professional advice – once you get the perfect shape, it’s like you have found your perfect red lipstick!

  1. Have a recognizable look

Beauty is in originality, so you need to find out which elements create your personal outfit that makes everybody remember you. It’s something that you can quickly pull together and feel great. It can be your favorite mascara and lip glow or a crazy hat that instantly makes you feel cheerful.

  1. Find your scent and scent

Don’t ever follow current trends when it comes to fragrances. Just because everybody wears the same perfume, doesn’t mean you have to, too. Find one which fits your unique style, taste, and your personality, so when people smell it, it will instantly remind them of you.

  1. Go crazy with hair color

It can only be temporary, but it’s a liberating feeling. Colors like turquoise, pink or green will really lighten up your mood, even just for a day! And if you feel great, you’ll look great!

  1. Learn how to braid

If you master rope braid, French braid and fishtail braid – the sky is the limit! You will always have stylish hair.

All in all

Beauty isn’t just a couple of things that you repeat every day. It’s the way you feel inside and all the little things you try out, change and improve. So, start crossing items from your bucket list!


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