Give Face Cosmetics

Give face cosmetic’s is a brand that gives a voice to the creative community with its range of vegan makeup designed to be fun and open up your mind to the potential of cosmetics as an art form.

Give Face Cosmetics
Give Face Cosmetics

From the enthusiast to the professional makeup artist, there is something about this range that sparks your creativity and makes you want to play.  Designed to appeal to the theatrical in us all, the colors and the potential to be creative, from simple to sublime there is something for everyone with this confection of makeup treats.

A range of loose shadows, powder foundations, highlighters, baking powders, gems, and glitter, this is a veritable playground of color combinations and tools.  Fans of the range come in all shapes and sizes with a strong emphasis on being creative and having fun the appeal for theatrical drag makeup, festival looks, and cosplay is obvious, but that’s not the only aspect.

Give Face Cosmetics
Give Face Cosmetics

Give face is a beautiful range with a simple message:

everyone can use makeup and have fun no matter your gender.

It should be noted that Give Face’s founder Johnny aka drag queen Dirti Denise is an LGBT advocate and supporter of merit with a no bias policy as well as a fabulous makeup line; supporting the Albert Kennedy Trust and offering discreet private services when requested for delivery, making them a truly open company with a strong sense of customer care that is to be applauded.

On a professional note, the range itself is vegan and cruelty-free making it perfect for use in a variety of formats.  The founder, a professional editorial photographer, wanted something that would work in a print, TV and film environment but still be affordable for everyone to access and play around with makeup and be themselves.

To learn more or to purchase from this amazing makeup company see their website using code: trendprive 20% off the Give Face branded products.




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