Kathmandu Films- A New Wave

South Asian cinema, especially in Kathmandu, Nepal, revolves around documentary and commercial work with the occasional tourist piece to encourage visitors to this admittedly, stunning country.

Kathmandu films
Kathmandu films

However, the team at Kathmandu films wants to start a revolution in the film industry by inviting outsiders to work with them on new and innovative projects.  The idea of collaborating with outside talent is not new, in fact, they currently collaborate with myself (James Clark, writer, makeup artist and more), and work as both line producers and fixers for those coming to Nepal, but this is a new direction for the team.

Nepal is more than just a beautiful destination; its a hub of arts and media that needs to be explored to be understood.

Opening the doors to a new wave of film, Bollywood itself is seeing massive changes to the way the youth market views the world and from the grassroots level up you see projects of varying lengths and genres popping up cleverly using product placement and sponsorship to create Youtube, Amazon and Streamlette shows and films to showcase their talent and the team at Kathmandu films are ready to bring this to the mainstream in their home country.

Utilising the new market avenues and taking risks has become part and parcel of the company with the team of Chandan Jha and Digbijaya Bharati, the company is thriving and this move to bring in new talent, projects and collaborations is as savvy a move as they could make.  Their combined years of experience and industry knowledge is legendary to those in the know and they are a must-have team for anything that comes into the country.

Nepal and Kathmandu films
Nepal and Kathmandu films

Aside from the beautiful location, Nepal’s rich culture and heritage make it a mysterious box of delights that is underutilized in the film industry which the team want to change by opening the doors to this metropolis of temples, culture, and beauty to world cinema by encouraging new projects and production houses to consider bringing your films to Nepal.

To learn more about the team or to discuss working with them see the website and social media: https://kathmandufilms.com



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