7 Viral Fashion Trends For Women This Monsoon

Summers have had its run. It is slowing fading away to make way for the monsoons to shine. The gloomy weather sucks the fun out of everything. But if you like to enjoy a rain dance party, then you surely can brighten up the rainy season with your dazzling smile and bright outfits. Here are some trends, which will turn heads, this monsoon.

  1. Maxi dresses with slits

If you follow fashion trends closely, you must know by now that maxi dresses, in bright and floral prints, will rule 2018 monsoons. Yes! Maxi dresses with thigh-high slits will create the much-needed drama this year. Wear these with full-length leggings to increase the glam quotient. If you are in the mood for something bold, the team it up with contracting shorts underneath. Don’t forget to complete the look with befitting bags, shoes and an umbrella.

  1. Make friends with culottes and palazzos

If you thought that culottes and palazzos were only “cool” for summers, then it is time to shun away from such misconceptions. No one wants their pants sticking to the sweaty legs. Rain raises the level of humidity in the air, which causes the sticky sensation. It is here that palazzos and culottes will come to your rescue. These wide pants will keep your comfy; their medium lengths will ensure that these don’t get dirty. Pair these with off-shoulder girly tops to look your “monsoon best.”

  1. Say “yes” to waterproof shoes

There are no extra points for guessing that waterproof shoes are back in fashion, yet again. Like 2017, you can expect stark colors and floral prints for your feet this year too. It is not possible or logical to hail a cab when you are out running your errands. But monsoons must not force you to compromise on style. Never! No matter what you are wearing on top, these shoes will protect your feet. Rain boots are perfect for parties as they keep your legs dry and add oomph to the ensemble.

  1. Short feminine dresses are “must-haves”

Summers and monsoons are perfect seasons to go for short dresses. In summers, these numbers keep you cool and comfortable. During the rainy season, there is dirty water and mud all around. There are fewer chances of shorts getting dirty when the rain pours down. To stay on safe side, keep the whites and cream colored pieces locked up. This is the perfect time to wear medium to big printed dresses. They highlight your feminine side and add sensuality to your look. One can dress up or down, depending on the occasion. Don’t forget to complete the look with sling bags in contrasting colors. If you wear a sleeveless or halter dress, throwing an organza shrug on your shoulders adds sophistication.

  1. Spice things up with sexy skirts

A skirt is an outfit that has ruled the women clothing arena for decades. Every generation has its own version of skirts. Long, medium, short, mini, micro-mini, tapered, trumpet style, and pencil are some of its variants. Skirts are a staple for every season, expect the winters for obvious reasons. If you are stepping out during this monsoon, then knee-length and not too fitted skirts will help you to look your best. But make sure you strike a balance between the top and skirt. If the top is heavily embellished or has busy prints, then opt for a smile skirt. If the top is too plain, dress it up with statement jewelry and a jazzy skirt. Bold geometric prints on skirts are in-fashion this season.

  1. Bright rompers and jumpsuits

Fashionable ladies cannot seem to get enough of jumpsuits. These onesies and their shorter version, aka rompers, dominated 2018 summers, and are in no mood to fade away just yet. Monsoons are all about flaunting bold colors and prints. Lock up those solid colors, which highlighted your sophisticated side in summers, and stock up on small floral printed jumpsuits and rompers to enhance your fun side in the rain. If you are into rompers, then you are already sorted. In case you are not comfortable with skin show, purchase ankle-length or knee-length jumpsuit to be on the safe side during the rainy seasons.

  1. Cigarette pants for all events

All girls swear by cigarette pants. They are your “go to” bottom wear for every season. They are neither too tight nor too loose. They fit around the waist and accentuate the curves correctly. Whether you are suiting up for a conference or heading out to meet some friends, cigarette pants are your trusted companions. They are available in a variety of colors, prints, fabrics, and sizes. Both voluptuous and petite women look ultra-fashionable in these pants.

For professional purposes, you can pair up cotton black or grey cigarette pants with white or light colored shirts. To complete the look, opt for a light linen or cotton blazer as well. It makes the entire look work-appropriate and edgy at the same time. If you have party on your mind, then picking printed cigarette pants with fit the mood. As these pants end just above your ankle, you need not worry about spoiling them during monsoons.

Keeping it fresh at all times is all that matters. Don’t be too conscious about what is in vogue and what is not. If you like what you see in the mirror, then it will inevitably turn some heads this monsoon. Play with colors, styles, fabrics and you will successfully create your fashion statement. So, get ready to hit the garment stores or check out online shops for latest “monsoon collections.” It is also the perfect time to make the most of monsoon discounts. Revamp your wardrobe without upsetting your monthly budget.

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