Clinker the Coalmans Dog

Known as Annie and the ragtails. Ayrshire Artist Ann Curran is world-renowned for beautiful illustration work and of course the ragtails themselves.  Based on the West coast of Scotland, the softly spoken and universally respected Anne has built a reputation for her work that is putting her into a category of her own in the arts community.

Clinker the colemans dog by Anne Curran
Clinker the Coalman’s dog by Anne Curran

Clinker the Coalman’s dog, is a beautiful, fun little story based around her own beloved dogs the aforementioned ragtails or as they are more commonly know Airedale terriers.

When Clinker the dog tries to help with the coal deliveries things don’t go as planned, so Clinker asks for help from his friend Counter, the gentle carthorse.

A whimsical and fun little booked at aimed at children it acts as a door to the world of Ann Curran as an artist to the parents or grandparents reading it to their children.  Her lustrous illustrations are coveted in the form of prints, Christmas cards and a variety of other accessories all designed around these beautiful dogs. Taking her love for these beautiful dogs, Anne has built a world around them and created an artistic outlet for people who like her, love dogs especially ragtails aka Airedales.

A sweet little children’s story that makes a beautiful gift for younger children and parents to enjoy together, bringing them into a whole different world of fun and introducing them to these beautiful dogs.

Clinker the colemans dog by Anne Curran
Clinker the coalman’s dog by Anne Curran

Ann Curran has become a staple of the arts community in Scotland and her work has been seen across the world, Clinker’s book is just a small part of this and you can follow him and his friends, adventures with her prints, Christmas cards, mugs and more, each one is a limited edition and takes you on a different journey with Clinker.

For more information on the book or to see more of Ann’s work see her website:


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