Kitstars Makeup Brushes

Kitstars makeup brushes are a revelation in the market of luxury, affordable and high quality these brushes are standouts in the hugely competitive world of makeup.

Courtesy of Kitstars website
Courtesy of Kitstars website

In their own words, they have torn up the rulebook.  Seeing these brushes and being able to handle them you can see that the ethos of the company rings true.  Made with artists in mind the focus is on quality versus price, proof that quality doesn’t always have a huge price tag.

Our wooden handles are coated with layers of beautifully glossy black lacquer. This ensures your brush stays looking absolutely amazing.

Divided into two: the S line which is the vegan collection and N line which is a mix of goat and synthetic hair (ethically sourced hair is used for the bristles).

vegan kit star viel brush
image courtesy of the kitstars website: vegan kit star viel brush

By subdividing the brushes into two sets you get the best of both worlds, admittedly they are equally beautiful and its hard to tell the difference in terms of quality, there is something silky about the bristles that says quality from both lines, and that is the keyword here: quality.

Kitstars has taken one of the most coveted items in any professional or enthusiasts kit, the brushes and taken them to a new level. Understanding that people want quality without the exorbitant price tags that often come with that.

Each brush is designed to be fit for purpose and suits the requirement, whether you are using the N line or the vegan S line brushes, you will find that they are truly beautiful brushes.  Not just decorative, they are practical which is a dream for any artist.  The devil is in the detail and seeing the glossy black handles, gold ferrule and classic white bristles all add up to a quality brush that looks as decorative as it is practical.

s40 easy lip brush kitstars
s40 easy lip brush kitstars

Building on their social media presence this brand is one to watch, set to be a staple of many artists kits as well as a necessity in the enthusiast world they just are the top of the class for quality and price.

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