Beautiful Examples of Copper in Interior Design and Architecture

If you’re looking for something to give that special touch to your modern apartment you should definitely consider intertwining copper into your home through little details. The use of copper in modern homes is the top interior design trend so wait no longer and take inspiration from these ideas to find out how to introduce copper into your home décor.

Copper pipe vases

Replace your old boring vases with amazing copper pipes – “The Solo Vase” created by Brazilian designer Guilherme Wentz, made for a single plant stem. These copper pipes vases fit neatly into every home and are perfect for interior design enthusiast since it brings a new texture and shine into homes. Bring the nature inside in an unconventional, delicate way and fall in love with your trendy home!

Polygonic copper chandeliers

Give your living room a whole new look with the amazing polygonic chandeliers made of copper. They will make any interior look pretty luxurious especially when combined with dark walls, gray shades or even black for the brave ones. Opt for shimmery copper pendant lights for your kitchen area and create an industrial vibe in your home. With just a few simple updates using copper in your home, you can make it unique and make it stand out with its interior as well as exterior. This is really important for the Airbnb rental flats because they need something to make them recognizable.

There is something in the air

If you are fascinated with the way copper looks when incorporated in a modern apartment then you will have to get your hands on the copper clock. You are going to adore the simplicity of this highly decorative item and the vibe it brings into a home. And you are going to love it, even more, when you realize that perfume leaks at hourly intervals! German designer Patrick Palcic created the “Es Liegt was in Der Luft” (There Is Something in the Air) clock and offered people an alternative way to tell the time, by smelling the perfume. Wow, isn’t that amazing?!

Shimmering copper panels

Studio Gardoni Architectures designed the exterior of the fire station in Chamonix, using panels of shimmering copper and it looks amazing. The facade was designed so that it reflects the massive mountains and Alpine peaks that are behind it. As time passes the copper in the scaled facade begins its slow change and will eventually turn from gold to brown and completely become compatible with nature that surrounds it.

Let this mesmerizing example convince you to opt for copper roof installers and create a breathtaking view of your home and the nature that surrounds it. Intertwining copper into the exterior of your home creates a stronger connection with nature as it slowly mutates over the course of years and gets that perfect, weathered look, showing the inevitableness of aging.

Bold accent wall

If you love experimenting with your interior, well, try creating an accent wall covered with copper. When placing copper panels don’t wear gloves, instead let the oil from your skin make changes in the way the copper looks, creating a more natural look of this amazing material. Or you can go a step further and install the copper wall in your bathroom and see how the humidity changes it over time. Add a copper bathtub to create a completely unique bathroom you are going to love. Or show your neighbors your love of design and architecture and add copper details to the exterior of your home!

DIY copper floor

What do you get when you combine an internet DIY project with shimmery copper – an amazing detail in your home! Consider doing this DIY project to add a special touch to your mid-century modern home. Collect a bunch of pennies (hence the copper obviously) and cover your floor with them to get a wonderful flooring that will not only look gorgeous but also last long. The best part is that you will combine old and new pennies that will age differently and therefore make the process worth watching as years go by.

Find inspiration in these amazing ideas to find the best and most suitable way for you to intertwine copper into your home this year. Be trendy and create the rustic meets vintage vibe in your modern all-white home that will make every visitor amazed with the look of your interior. Let your imagination run wild and make a combination that will inspire people to do the same, or at least talk about your original design.


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