5 Green Ways to Commute to Work

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The way we choose to travel undoubtedly plays a huge role when it comes to our environment and the Earth in general, which is exactly one of the biggest concerns of today’s society. Transportation has a huge carbon footprint, impacting the air, water, soil, and climate, and that’s why we should do as much as we can to switch to greener ways of commuting. Here are five of these you should know about, so check them out and give them a try!

Cycling is always a good idea…

Cycling is one of the best and the most common green options people usually go for once they decide to make a difference and take more care of their environment, and reasons for that are more than good. First of all, cycling to work is so simple yet really fun at the same time, as you’ll get a chance to relax and unwind by observing your surroundings, listen to the birds, and enjoy your ride on two wheels. Apart from that, it’s also great for both your health and your waistline, as you’re highly likely to burn some calories while on the go. Of course, the exact calories burned calories will depend on a lot of factors, such as your speed, the topography, and your overall health condition. A lot of people say that, on average, cycling burns as many calories as jogging – but with fewer negative impacts on your knees and joints. It will also improve your cardiovascular health, boost your energy levels, build muscle, and improve coordination. Does it get better than that? We don’t think so!

… Or a skateboard, because, why not?

Another seemingly silly yet fabulous way to commute to work and take more care of your environment is riding a skateboard, so be sure to give it a try if you’ve always admired guys and gals famous for their skateboarding skills. Yes, we’re aware that riding it looks like a piece of cake, but trust us when we say that it isn’t as simple as it seems. Pushing the board requires stamina and core strength, which are needed if you want to stay upright and balanced. This means that it will help you work your core muscles more than you can imagine, so don’t be surprised when your six-pack start popping up. Apart from your abs, such movements will work your quads, glutes, and hamstrings as well, which is how you increase strength and define those muscles. You should know that staying on amazing cruiser skateboards actually takes a lot of practice, but you’ll certainly develop good coordination and flexibility while saving the environment at the same time.

… As well as riding a kick scooter…

Yes, we understand that this may seem a bit silly and infantile, but you know what? Riding a kick scooter to work is actually one of the most convenient ways to get from A to B without any stress or anxiety, simply because there isn’t the slightest chance of getting stuck in traffic while riding it. Besides that, you also won’t have to think about finding a parking lot for your kick scooter – all you have to do is to fold it in half and voila – you can take it to your office or wherever else you go. You should also know that, similarly to cycling, riding a kick scooter is a fantastic way to get physically active, burn some calories, and stay fit and healthy, which is exactly what matters most. Scooting is a low-impact exercise, so your heart won’t be exposed to heavy fatigue, which is the case with intense workouts. The most important thing about it is that it’s really safe and easy, so be sure to buy a kick scooter if that’s your cup of tea and you’ll see it’s amazing benefits soon enough.

You can also take a walk to your office

Taking a walk to your office, assuming that the distance between your home and workplace allows for it, can also be highly beneficial on so many levels. The first and the most obvious one is that you won’t be polluting the environment any longer, which is a lot of people’s main goal these days. Besides that, walking is a fantastic way to get in some morning and/or evening exercise without having to head straight to the gym after work, and that’s particularly awesome when you’re simply too tired to work out after a long day at work. Another thing you should know about taking a walk to your office is that it definitely won’t take as long as you think it will. After all, you can always pop in the headphones and the time will fly by even quicker than you realize.

Become a public transit pro

If you live in an area where public transit is an option, you should definitely try commuting by a bus or a train, which is one of the best ways to make your commute greener. Yes, we agree that it can be a bit tedious sometimes, but it surely has fewer consequences for the planet, which is exactly the point of switching up the way you get around. Needless to say, it’s a great way to have some time just for yourself, so that you can catch up with a novel you haven’t finished yet, or just scroll through the social media to see what’s new. However, if a car is a must, but there is a metro or subway in your city, you can always drive to the nearest station and still use public transit. This is the best way to take part in saving the environment, while saving some money at the same time, too.

As you can see, each of these five ways of commuting to work is quite environmentally-friendly, so be sure to give them a try if that’s one of your greatest concerns nowadays. After all, the Earth is our only home, and we should always give our best to save it and protect it from anything that brings more harm than good. Once everyone realizes that the world will become a much better place to live in!


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