All You Need to Know About Dentures or False Teeth

The concept of dentures or false teeth has evolved to replace missing teeth. It is difficult to deal with tooth loss and this is almost like a challenge. If one is missing one or more teeth and must meet old friends in a reunion, then it is quite an embarrassment. You must go on a soft food diet as biting or chewing really becomes an issue. The most important thing is that it becomes difficult to strike a conversation with others and this might make you a bit uncomfortable. The lucky part is that you may not have deal with this situation throughout your life as there is an option of dentures or false teeth. The dentists will replace your missing teeth with dentures. You must at first know the advantages of the false teeth.

False Teeth
False Teeth

What are dentures?

The dentures or false teeth are basically appliances that are made to replace the original teeth. The patients who are suffering from damaged or missing teeth should be aware of the details of dentures or false teeth.

Function: In the old days, false teeth were made only for chewing purpose but in modern days, it is specially designed to give optimal fit, so you can look good and enjoy all types of foods.

It is completely functional. The dentists ensure that they are fitted in such a way that they will sit properly with minimum slipping. This will eventually make you confident with daily activities like chewing and talking.

Versatility: The false teeth are available in different types that are full or partial sets. The full dentures are useful for patients who have lost some or most of the teeth. Partial ones are for those patients who must fill the gaps of missing teeth. If the patients want a durable and non-removable denture, then they can get supported false teeth implanted.

Aesthetics; The top quality false teeth are made of porcelain or plastic materials. They look natural and beautify your smile.

Health: The false teeth are beneficial because they support the facial muscles and structures. It also helps to decrease oral bone loss. The dentists have found that the patients with false teeth have gradually shown improvement in their self-esteem.

Cost: Denture implant is a cost-effective treatment. It is more so when natural teeth are present.

False Teeth
False Teeth

What are the advantages?

# Once the gaps in your mouth are filled, you are sure to look attractive. But before that, you must shatter your doubts. Once you are clear you will find that you are very confident about yourself.

# There might be a misconception that you will have to face a lot of dietary restrictions. No, that is not the fact. The dentists have come out with the best quality of false teeth that will not stop you from having solid food.

# There will be absolutely no issue about speaking clearly. You can address your speaking problems and, in this way, anyone can understand your speech easily.

# The false teeth can last for quite a long period of time. You may feel the need to replace it over a period of five to ten years.

The false teeth are basically used to give the patients a good look and make them feel better. They are highly functional almost like natural and fit much better than they used to in olden times. The main thing that bothers the patients is a comfortable fit. So, who have experienced the older and the less comfortable are more tensed about the fittings. But fortunately, dental technology has improved and with the use of new materials you will get an improved set of dentures.


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