Time to Prime!

Time to Prime!

By Erin Schweinsberg

TPM Senior Beauty Editor


As someone that works long hours and needs their makeup to stay on from sun up to sun down, I can tell you that primers are the answer! If you’ve never had the chance to try a makeup primer before, there is no better time than now to explore the amazing ones that are available! Primers are the answer to longer wearing makeup, smoother skin, less creases, more hydration, and all round perfection! There’s several different kinds to try, they all work with specific purpose, and they are all worth the investment. Here is my list of must-have primers that you need to add to your shopping list!


  1. Crème de La Mer- The Perfecting Treatment

$245.00 – 1.7oz


My absolute favorite go-to face primer! Not only does this feel like a silky piece of heaven on your skin, but it has incredible technology that can diffuse light, blur pores, diminish imperfections, and give you an overall glow and a smooth complexion. Like all Crème de La Mer products, it’s infused with the famous Miracle Broth, so you have an added skincare benefit whilst you’re perfectly primed! This is ideal for someone wanting a little extra hydration with their primer, for a soft supple look on the skin!


2. Mac- Pro Longwear Paint Pot

$22.00 – 0.17oz


If you’ve ever had problems getting your eye shadow to stay in place, this long wear, water resistant, crease proof formula, is about to solve all your eyeshadow problems! Apply with your finger or brush, a small coating over your eye lid before your eye shadow application, and it will hold for 15 hours! This primer is also highly pigmented, which means you can wear it as a cream shadow by itself too. There are 7 different color shades available, so head to your nearest Mac store to see which shade is best for you!



3. Anastasia- Lip Primer

$16.00 – 0.16oz


Wearing a lip primer is great for several reasons, and this one is especially wonderful! The Anastasia Lip Primer not only keeps your lipstick on longer, and stops it from fading; but it keeps your lips moisturized, helps prevent lipstick feathering out, and can even be used as a nightly treatment by itself because of its hydrating properties. With so many uses, it’s a must-have primer in your makeup bag!



4. Becca Cosmetics- Ever Matte Poreless Priming Perfector

$38.00 – 1.35oz


Becca Cosmetic’s make the perfect mattifying face primer! This is for the client that needs to stay matte all day, requires an oil-control formula, wants to minimize the appearance of pores; and do it all for 12 hours! If you have oily skin, this primer certainly won’t let you down, you’ll get a perfect blur on your skin all whilst staying completely matte and velvet smooth- all day long!



5. Smashbox- Photo Finish Lash Primer

$23.00 – 0.30fl oz


A lash primer is going to have multiple advantages for your lashes- it will make your mascara last longer, prevent flaking and smudging, give volume and length to the lashes, and provide a coat of protection for your lashes before mascara. Once you try a lash primer, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without one!


Erin Schweinsberg

My name is Erin Schweinsberg and I'm the Senior Beauty Editor for Trend Prive Magazine! I've been a makeup artist for over 10 years and I love this industry :) I grew up in Australia, but I've also lived in Europe, and I now live in Denver, Colorado in the USA. Being apart of this magazine is amazing, it gives me a chance to write about my passion and also contribute to helping people around the world with the donations we make. I believe we should always pay it forward, even if we know we may never get anything in return.

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