Plogging: The Health Trend For You and Your Planet

An environmental health trend stemming from Europe is picking up pace throughout the world.  People are plogging: picking up litter as they go for an outdoor exercise.
Photograph by Sage Friedman

The eco-friendly health fad began in Sweden, with its name inspired by the Swedish term for “picking up”, plocka upp.  Plogging has made its way around the world, hitting the United Kingdom, the Phillipines, India and more.  Europe and Asia are going crazy for the good that the trend inspires, bringing people together for group exercise and litter pick-up.  Just this past week, Surigao City in the Phillipines racked up over 3300 pounds of trash in a communal 10 kilometer plogging session.  Northern Ireland is jumping in on events focused around plogging as well, with the mayor of Derry City positively commenting on the inexpensive and healthy solution to a long-running pollution problem throughout the region.

Photograph by Evan Brockett

Plogging really is the healthiest form of multitasking.  Start boosting your health while cleaning up the planet by grabbing your trash bag and getting to work.  Ploggers recommend adding in strength exercises to get the most out of this form of fitness.  Once your bag begins filling up, you can conveniently practice weighted squats, dead lifts and lunges.  The workouts sound silly, hauling a bag of trash over your head while jogging throughout your neighbourhood and burning a few extra calories, but the benefits outweigh any of the negatives.  You’re not only putting your health at the forefront of your priorities.  You are also making the world around you an important aspect of your routine.  A healthy you and a healthy earth makes for a happy lifestyle, and plogging puts these two priorities in your control.

Instead of just going on your average morning run, burn more calories while going green by participating in the newest healthy trend.  Grab your running shoes and your garbage bag, look out for litter, and let’s get plogging.



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