Lola Nail Polish

Lola nail polish has solved the problem of finding the right shade of nail varnish for every occasion, with their expert nail polishes and treatments that tie in perfectly with the makeup line, making it all round brand for beauty aficionados and makeup artists alike.

lola-nailpolish Nude Lady
Lola-nail polish Nude Lady

The Lola nails collection are a stand out for their ethical and 100% vegan colour range, a breathable, Patented Formula using gloss seal’R Technology giving up to 7 days glossy finish is a stand out of the range but it doesn’t end there.

Each colour collection is subdivided by spectrum giving you curated collections tailored to suit your needs and colour desires; from French manicure to full-on reds, allowing you to create something simple and elegant or dramatic and fierce.

The entire Lola nail polish selection is expertly put together to suit the most covetous of nail fans and offer a multitude of options that can be tailored to suit your mood.  With a little fun thrown into the mix, think Poison Ivy from the Navy collection.  

Lola nails poison ivy
Lola nails poison ivy

The addition of fun names like Pageant Queen and of course the patented technology the Lola makeup’s nail range is a dream for anyone who loves polish. From the pro-quality nail treatments to the nail varnish, there is something about Lola makeup that catches the eye and makes you want to play and get creative.  From subtle to sublime the colour range will suit any mood and with the gel technology, 100% vegan background and of course Britain’s Next top Model spokeswoman in Ivy Watson from Season 12, it’s easy to see why the brand is making strides in the industry and garnering attention.

Lola nails with Ivy Watson images courtesy of Lola website
Lola makeup Nail collection with Ivy Watson of Britain’s Next top Model


To learn more about the brand see the full range of Nail varnish at

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