Mr Dashbo

Mr. Dashbo stepped in and filled a gap in an ever-increasing world of indie film and TV, there has now opened up a whole new market for products, with people looking for cost-effective professional makeup.   The award-winning range has become a staple of UK makeup artists kits and is gaining momentum at every turn.

Created by the hugely well respected and talent Mike Dargan, Mr. Dashbo, is a professional, vegan makeup line aimed at the specialist areas of theatre, film, and TV.  Unlike many brands of alcohol activated makeup, they also carry a greasepaint line which can be a lifesaver in many situations and comes in three easy to use and well-curated palettes of grease lightning with a mix of tones and colors, with two flesh tone palettes for corrective work if required.

Designed to be cost-effective and cover a wide range of needs the range is laid out with a variety of color palettes that can be custom blended to create everything you may need for a movie.  Let’s be honest here, the budget is always in the back of your mind when you are making a movie and quality needs to be considered, Mr. Dashbo has hit the mark on both counts.

Mr Dashbo
image courtesy of Mr. Dashbo

One of the many stand out reasons people love the brand is the quirky names.  With their ultimate special editions, we see this fun and quirky side coming into play with names like Susans boil and Bruised Willis. Giving what could be another pro palette a really fun little edge that on set with lighten the moment and still hit the markers for a professional range.

Everything about the brand is designed to create and work with the artist rather than against them, making it an ideal accompaniment to a professional film kit.

To learn more about the brand then see the website:

Mr Dashbo palette
image courtesy of Mr. Dashbo

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