Elayne Rivers a Woman of Substance

Talking to Elayne Rivers, entertainment manager, designer, and writer, you cannot help but smile.  Her immediate ease of communication and telephone manner draw you in and make you feel important. With her Brooklyn accent and openness from the first hello, it’s hardly surprising when your introduction to this woman is a platinum level intro from a fashion house CEO.  

From her working-class American routes in Brooklyn’s Independence Towers, you get the feeling this woman who was born at the tail end of generation x has been there, done it and got the Tshirt.  In actual fact, she is redesigning it for a certain class of women with a September showcase at the House of iKons London. 

Her voice resonates with an easy, welcoming charm and she is the epitome of self-made and that no matter where your roots you can succeed.  Despite a less than auspicious upbringing, you can hear the warmth and love of her grandmother, mother, and sister when she talks about her family and touches lightly on her life in New York.

Fun with Mamma Rivers
Fun with Mamma Rivers

Schooled in Manhattan in the world-renowned East village, she sites this as place and time that moulded her as a person and with absolutely unreserved candour she will tell you she is blessed to be where she is, who she is and doing what she does.  

Even after a brief encounter, Elayne is the type of women who no matter your age, race or background treats you like a family member and is as open and honest as can be which is refreshing.  This, however, does not stop her being a businesswoman, and it shows, with her savvy work in marketing and careful planning she is taking strides in a new direction and looking to the future with projects in film encompassing her own clients.  

Diamond in the rough may seem like an odd term for someone who is by her own admission far from a girly girl, but it’s still apt.  From the projects and its influences grew someone who is strong, multifaceted and admired for those exact qualities. 

The rivers women
The rivers women stand together

If you are looking for an empowered female role model, you have it.  If you are looking for a person of strength who is a shining example of what it means to grow into your identity and be a proud example of a humanitarian, I give you Elayne Rivers. 

For more on Elayne and her work see:

Elayne on Twitter

Elayne on Facebook. 


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  1. Incredible Article. Very well done and so proud of you Elayne! Keep up your amazing journey. Love you 😘❤️

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