Countdown to The Royal Wedding: Heres is what we know so far

Prince Harry and soon to be wife Meghan Markle

Only hours until Harry and Meghan are pronounced man and wife at the St. George Chapel at Windsor. Here’s what we can expect from the Royal Wedding. 

It was expected that Meghan’s own father would initially walk her down the aisle. However, due to his recent decline of health, the groom’s father, Prince Charles, will now take that place. Meghan will begin her walk down the aisle accompanied by her bridesmaids and page boys and then be joined by her future father in law who will escort her the rest of the way to the altar.
St George Chapel where Meghan and Harry will be wed at tomorrow!
St George’s  Chapel only holds about 600 people. We can guarantee the immediate relatives to the throne will be in attendance (The Queen, Duke & Duchess of Cambridge, Duke of York etc.). However, it’s unknown how much of Markle’s family will be in attendance.  Because of the size of the chapel (and the fact William is an immediate heir to the throne) Kate and Williams’ wedding held close to 2,000 guests, leaving more room for Kate’s side of the family. However, with the limited amount of seating, the priority of guests will most likely remain to immediate family and very few others as the royal family has an extensive amount of members to invite including Officials of the United Kingdom.
The most anticipated subject regarding the wedding to women around the world. It’s predicted that Meghan will be wearing a dress designed by Stella McCartney (Daughter of Paul and Linda McCartney). Stella has many similar values as Meghan does. McCartney is a huge supporter of animal rights, uses organic fabrics and is well known to use alternatives to animal products within her designs. With Markle being known as a huge animal lover (Given a rescued bull from PETA as a wedding gift), and for opposing fur clothing, McCartney only seems like the perfect fit for the job.
Past wedding dress designed by designer Stella McCartney who is predicted to have designed Markle’s gown
Other possible designers could be Ralph & Russo and Burberry. The dress is rumored to be heavily beaded, with some lace and there has been the talking of sleeves. It will be “traditional and elegant” according to Katie Nicholl of Vanity Fair. Meghan’s dress is also rumored to be priced at $135,000 USD. While we are all excited about the gown Meghan will wear at the ceremony, we also will be keeping a look out for her second gown that she will wear at her private receptions and most likely will be more glamorous and sophisticated.

Meghan is definitely what one would call a fashion icon. She dresses in the latest trends, but also very modestly. Her fashion sense will most likely be reflected in her gown. If McCartney is, in fact, the designer, we can expect most likely a very flowy dress with either a plunge or collarbone cut. It is not uncommon for the Royals to have beautiful trains, so we will definitely be looking out for that. Who knows, she might actually wear stockings underneath her dress! It is also predicted that Meghan’s dress (whoever designed by) will be accompanied by a tiara from the collection of

Meghan’s engagement ring that was designed by Prince Harry

Diana. And of course, who could forget her gorgeous engagement ring which was designed by Prince Harry and custom-made by court jewelers Cleave and Company. The ring is a yellow gold and has one  3 carat cushion cut diamond from Botswana (where they initially “fell in love”) accompanied with two stones from Dianas Collection. Meghan will later (In the ceremony) accompany her engagement ring with a Welsh gold wedding band as of Windsor tradition  Overall,

Kate Middleton at Pippa’s wedding wearing presumably a similar attire to what guests will wear at the Royal Wedding

Meghan is sure to have a very unique attire.

When it comes to the guests, we can only imagine the number of Fascinators we’ll see; large, accompanied with feathers and with bright colors! If you’re not wearing one, are you even at the royal wedding? Now, when it comes to modesty the guests have pretty much the same expectations as the bride.
Most likely simple pastel colors, with appropriate cuts, gloves, heels and some type of headwear. We won’t be seeing cleavage, mini skirts or bright sparkles like at most red carpet events. The ladies attire will most likely resemble a lot of Kate Middleton’s wardrobe.
In the end, this will be one Royal wedding to be remembered by many. The circumstances regarding the couple compared to past Royals is very untraditional but yet admirable. Markle breaks almost all standards for most of the Royal Brides. She’s American, an actor, ethnic, has been married before, living and accompanied most of the time with Harry and her family has had their fair share of good and bad press. Usually, some big no no’s in the Royal family. Meghan also seems to be a well-spoken, independent woman and is not afraid to speak for what she believes in. She showed this type of charisma even in her youth. Markle seems to be the right contender to bring forth a new type of Royal to the table. The world is defiantly excited to see what Meghan will bring to the wedding and the Royal family itself!
Ellie Cook


Residing in Salt Lake City, UT, Ellie Cook is a full-time student at the University of Utah. She is studying communications with an emphasis in journalism and Psychology.

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