Summer Outdoor Trends You Should Follow

Summer is a perfect time to change some outdoor features and add others. Good weather is a perfect opportunity for renovations, masonry, and gardening, as well as to simply relax in your outdoor area.

The newest trends suggest you use natural materials and create a more eco-friendly environment. Radiant colors will boost your mood, while you can use the liveliness of flowers to improve visual aspects. Your outdoor space should provide you serenity and shelter during summer days and so here are some outdoor trends you should follow to achieve that.


1.      Use vibrant colors

When it comes to color, there is always the problem of compatibility and combinations. Outdoor space is great because you can either use the shades that match your interior, or create a completely new space. Yellow, red and blue are a lovely match for the green of your plants making the outdoor décor natural.

However, to spice things up a bit more, use more daring colors which will truly be in the spirit of summer. Purple and silver details go well with wood since they break their warmth with their coolness of tones. Orange is a great choice for the upholstery, especially if you wanted to accent the organic features of your outdoor area.

2.      Eco-friendly outdoors

There are some things you can do in your outdoor area that can help the environment and be beneficial for your household. “There are literally dozens of tree species that could be planted depending upon location, climate, and soils,” says Stan Wullschleger, a researcher at Tennessee’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory. So buy seedlings from the nursery garden and plant them strategically around the house so you can get shade and décor at the same time.

Instead of using conventional roof solutions for your roof, install the solar panels. They will harvest enough solar energy to supply you with electricity and lower your power bill. The same applies to lights in your yard. Opt for solar lamps or use LED light bulbs since they’re energy efficient and emit barely noticeable heat.

Use natural materials where you can like stone and wood, and gather rainwater in a big container to water the plants. Don’t use toxic insect repellents and fertilizers for the plants, but choose some of the organic mixes that are healthy and effective at the same time.


3.      Use advanced gardening

When it comes to gardening, you can start planting vegetables, fruits, and herbs as well. This will give a unique charm to your garden and give you something interesting to do a couple of times a week. People are regularly encouraged to grow their own food as part of the having a healthy lifestyle.

You can use the seeds you harvested from products you bought on farmer’s market or you can buy them in bags. Create special wooden boxes for planting that will allow you to easily access the plants and create order in the garden.

Additionally, plant some wildflowers in the garden to help natural pollinators like bees and butterflies. They will also give a great look to your green space since they bloom in different colors.

4.      Make outdoor part of the indoor

The idea that you can add your outdoor space to the rest of your house is one of the biggest trends this year. If you plan to use glass windows to do this, then consider installing awnings on the windows so you can enjoy some privacy or keep the sun away. This is also a great choice if you want to protect the windows during the stormy days.

“The advantage of an external blind is that it keeps the sun off the glass and is far more effective at reducing heat than an internal blind,” says Oztech, the company for window awnings in Sydney. “Exterior blinds and awnings can reduce entry of solar energy by up to 80%.”


5.      Create a seating area

Whether you like to throw parties, have family time or simply sprawl outside for an afternoon nap, you will need a seating area. Use comfortable seating sets and add a fire pit since they’re very popular this season. You can connect this space with the house and dine there during summer, or add a BBQ and create an ultimate summer experience.

Bamboo furniture with comfortable upholstery not only comes in many designs but is also eco-friendly. Also, when it comes to style, use the same one or similar to the one you have indoor. This will create the harmonious décor and connect your spaces. Of course, you can add some final changes like candles, lanterns or potted plants.


Before you start adding or eliminating things in your outdoor area, take a good look around and make a list. Some renovations may be too demanding, so be prepared, while others can be small and done in a day. Ultimately, create an area that will fulfill your expectations because it’s always trendy to be true to yourself.

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