Luca Jouel: Ethically Sourced Fine Jewellery

Luca Jouel is a fine jewellery collection designed by Tereena Lucas in Australia. The company is committed to making quality jewellery that promotes social and environmental responsibility. Each piece is custom made by expert artisans. Luca Jouel supports fair trade and ensures strict labour and safety practices are adhered to for all of its partnerships. Luca Jouel is a proud member of the prestigious community of luxury lifestyle brands bearing the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury. The Butterfly Mark offers wordless reassurance that Luca Jouel is a brand to trust, in recognition of ethical business conduct, quality craftsmanship, positive social impact and respect for the environment.

Luca Jouel aspires to create beautiful, heirloom quality fine jewellery able to be worn every day.

Luca Jouel designs use harmonious combinations of recycled metals in 18ct yellow and rose gold, palladium, platinum and silver, together with precious and semi-precious gemstones. Luca Jouel limits purchasing of these elements to companies, both big and small, who share like belief and commitment to ethical trading. All Luca Jouel diamonds have been obtained from reputable sources in full compliance with Kimberly Process Certification. Most of their white diamonds are of F/VS colour and clarity or higher, because the designer particularly likes white diamonds to be white. All other coloured diamonds from champagne, to black and more unusual tints have been chosen for their unique colours and overall aesthetic appeal.

Some stones are perhaps more classically beautiful – clean and displaying all the important angles of cut and proportion; whilst others are decidedly asymmetrical with visible inclusions, completely veering away from traditional expectations of beauty and value. But as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; and beauty is not always about perfection. Luca Jouel aims to highlight and celebrate natural gemstone inclusions as is possible.

Luca Jouel is available through luxury sites and as well as

Check out the gallery above to see the full look book.


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