Moroccan Designer Brings “Slow Fashion”

For years, Moroccan fashion has been known for its unique cultural identity, incorporating the world’s riches colors and high embroidery. Unfortunately, many ancient production processes have never had a parallel link to sustainability, drawing Morocco off the contemporary map for majority of its history. As sustainability makes its course around the world, fashion designer, Ghitta Laskrouif, ventures out to put Morocco into the modern world’s eco fashion movement.

Credit: Ghitta Laskrouif

Visiting the cities of Medina and Marrakech just for under a week, I was amazed at how much culture still remained in the fashion in 2018. For every taxi ride along the city-side to the souks (markets) of Medina, it was evident that these people valued their art and intricate design. Now being very much aware of sustainability, it didn’t hesitate to cross my mind that the idea of bringing this beautiful culture into a more sustainable light was more than possible–and yes, it sure was.

Ghitta has made this thought a reality, documenting all of her sustainable efforts to celebrate her African culture, while also putting Morocco in the contemporary map. At just 33 years old, the designer was easily a change maker for her country, belonging to the first contemporary independent fashion designers generation of Morocco.

After collaboration with other designers who specialized in eco textiles, design, and entrepreneurship, Ghitta decided to embark her journey in 2015 when she launched her brand. Not only is her goal to preserve the beauty of her culture, but to create these pieces by using recycled textiles and sustainable hand-sewn fabrics.

Credit: Ghitta Laskrouif

“My creations carry multiple influences from Morocco but not only. I like to draw a ‘slow fashion’ in contrast to the frantic lifestyle of Casablanca and I Iike to realize collections of ready to wear and haute couture, with a spirit of mixture of cultures infused with different artistic currents and urban pragmatism, to create vitamined and refined products for an active generation.” – Ghitta Laskrouif

Although her sustainable efforts are evident within her garment production, she also pushes her efforts into her everyday life. Moreover, Ghitta designs no more than two seasons a year with small collections. For all of her recycled fabrics, she washes full loads only, reducing the amount of water. With the gracious amount of sun in Morocco, she also uses sunlight whenever possible and reuses paper for any printing where necessary.

Credit: Ghitta Laskrouif

The beauty of sustainability does not end with the final product, but the upkeeping as well. Ghitta Laskrouif’s objective is to create a sustainable community through clothing to promote usage and longevity, believing that this change can make people reflect more on what they wear and their continued lifestyle.

As I learned on my short journey through Morocco, Marhba (welcome) to Moroccan sustainable fashion!

Follow the designer’s journey through her blog.

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