How to Make Summer 2018 The Best Yet

Summer is fleeting, but that is what makes it so special, and everyone prepares for it in different ways. Some start hitting the gym so that they can look like a rock star in a bikini, others start planning far off holidays, whereas some just look forward to the festival season and drinking on rooftops over the city. Everyone’s summer is unique, but what is common amongst most of us is the wish to make this summer the best one yet. Follow these tips, and you can improve your summer, no matter what activities you get up to:


Curate a Summer Wardrobe

Stuffed closest are a thing of the past, and capsule wardrobes are the way to go. Contrary to popular belief, there are no “rules” when it comes to creating a capsule wardrobe. You don’t have to have less than forty pieces in your wardrobe; you just have to know what is in your wardrobe. Go through and donate pieces you never wear and don’t care about. Rid yourself of the clutter, store the winter clothes, and display what you have left like it’s a work of art. Your creativity is what drives a personal sense of style, so be more creative with your outfits, rather than relying on quantity. Do this, and you will nail your summer style.

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Better Your Beauty Routine

Everyone wants that perfect summer glow, but there are the right ways to get it and the wrong ways. For instance, going out into the sun without sunscreen is a huge mistake. You can still get a tan when wearing sunscreen, but burning and otherwise exposing your skin to harmful UV radiation will only cause skin damage, premature skin aging, and even the risk of developing skin cancer. To prevent this, aim to put sunscreen on before you get dressed, rather than as the last thing you do before you head out. You will then want to reapply sunscreen to exposed areas every two hours. To ensure you have the best coverage, ensure you buy the best sunscreen, and, if you are going to go swimming, it is best to buy ocean-friendly sunscreen for the betterment of all aquatic life.

From there, keep up your regular routine. Twice daily beautification will do wonders for making your skin glow, meaning less makeup will be needed and you can rock the natural beach look without a problem.


Spice Up Your Life

No matter what you end up doing this summer, live more boldly. Try things you have never done before. Eat new foods, see new things, listen to new music. Your senses will thank you, and your brain will be ecstatic with the new sensations. It could even mean switching your smoking habit with flavored vaping instead. You can completely customize your vape with Redjuice, meaning you can completely personalize your smoking habit just in time for summer and enjoy different flavors such as watermelon, strawberry and even honey.


From winning at your own personal sense of style to aiming to get more out of life, follow these top three tips, and you’ll be sure to have a better summer than ever before.


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