Happy Earth Day With Elvis & Kresse

In recognition of Earth Day, we wanted to introduce you to The Burberry Foundation as it partners with Elvis & Kresse to help tackle waste created by the leather goods industry.



This five-year partnership has made it possible to help save the planet, and because of it, there will be at least 120 tons of leather offcuts saved from Burberry made into new products designed and sold by Elvis & Kresse. Profits from the sale of the products go to charitable causes and inspiring craftspeople.

Elvis & Kresse is a sustainable, luxury company creating lifestyle accessories by re-engineering waste material through innovative craftsmanship. The amazing Elvis & Kresse has received a grant from the Burberry Foundation to support their work and will also transform at least 120 tons of leather offcuts from the production of Burberry products into a range of accessories and homeware, designed and sold by Elvis & Kresse.
Half of the profits from this range will be donated to charitable causes, focused on renewable energy. The remaining half will be reinvested by Elvis & Kresse to expand their work in reducing and reusing waste, protecting the environment and inspiring craftspeople.


Image Credit: Elvis & Kresse

Every year there is a vast amount of leather waste around the world by the fashion industry which has lead Elvis and Kresse to create new products from unusable pieces otherwise these remaining fragments would end up in a landfill. Elvis & Kresse has designed a system that transforms these fragments into components, which are then hand woven into a new kind of hide that is unrestricted by size or shape.

Elvis & Kresse and the Burberry Foundation aim to affect real change in the supply chain of the leather goods industry. Where leather waste is usually destroyed, the partnership with Elvis & Kresse will disrupt the accepted approaches and reveal new solutions.


Image Credit: Elvis & Kresse

In addition to creating new leather products, the partnership will also generate apprenticeship and work experience opportunities with Elvis & Kresse and reach thousands of people through public events, competitions and workshops.

The grant from the Burberry Foundation to Elvis & Kresse is also in line with Burberry’s new responsibility agenda, of which a principal goal is to invent new approaches to revaluing waste over the next five years.

To view the first handcrafted pieces from this partnership, please visit the following link –

The Fire & Hide Collection by Elvis & Kresse

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