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It is often hard, nowadays, to find a skincare line that encompasses everything that you want. It’s difficult to find that balance between quality, natural ingredients, effectiveness, and price. I, for one, struggle with such matters, since many skincare brands might have a few of the qualities I look for, but not all. This truly changed with Skin Regimen.

Skin Regimen is a skincare brand, whose idea is rooted in combatting the “effects of lifestyle and aging”, while reducing stress. What is lifestyle aging?,  you might ask. It is something everyone faces every day, due to factors such as UV exposure, pollution, your diet, and your quantity and quality of sleep.

Skin Regimen products contain botanicals, “high-tech” molecules, superfood extracts, and powerful antioxidants. They combine four essential oils- juniper, copahu, rosewood, and cedarwood- to achieve the classic, subtle scent of their products. All of their products are cruelty free, and contain no synthetic fragrances, silicones, artificial colors, or parabens.

Each product from the Skin Regimen skincare line has a purpose. Their products are meant to be used in a certain order as part of a 4-step skincare regimen. Step one is “prepare”, step two is “recharge”, step 3 is “correct”, and step four is “reset”. For each step there are a few products that you can choose from. Here are my reviews on 5 of the Skin Regimen products:

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Cleansing Cream (Step 1)

This cleanser comes out as a cream, and is supposed to be lathered into an already wet face. I like this cleanser as a second step of taking off your makeup. While it does cleanse the face of any product, I feel as though it’s better after you’ve already taken off the majority with a makeup remover. It will whisk away any residue you may have after you’ve used the makeup remover. It smells quite nice, and leaves the skin soft. It’s also gentle on the eyes (mine are very sensitive and I didn’t react to it). Overall, this product was a thumbs up.

Image Source: Skin Regimen


Microalgae Essence (Step 2)

This product is a “highly concentrated lotion” with the consistency of a light oil. Skin Regimen recommends using it daily after cleansing. I was pleasantly surprised with this product. It goes onto the skin very easily, and definitely makes my complexion appear brighter than before. I am also a fan of its light scent- it is not too overwhelming, and works as a sort of aromatherapy. I enjoy using it after my cleanser every day.

Image Source: Skin Regimen


Tulsi Booster (Step 3)

This concentrated oil contains Tulsi, an Indian herb with “adaptogenic properties”. It has a classic dropper with which you would apply any oil. There are pros and cons to this product. What I didn’t like about it was that it made my face feel very oily. Yes, I know it’s an oil, but an oil should absorb into the skin (something the microalgae essence is good at), however, this product felt like it was just sitting on top of my face. Nevertheless, I like the dewy glow I get after applying it, and it definitely has some moisturizing effects that I need desperately. I would recommend this product if you don’t mind being a little oily before going to bed. (This only lasts a few hours).

Image Source: Skin Regimen

Lift Eye Cream (Step 4)

This eye cream is a light-weight product meant to reduce puffiness, dark circles, crow’s feet, and sagging eyelids. It goes on very easily and feels relaxing to apply, but I didn’t see much change in the puffiness around my eyes. However, I do see that the fine lines around my eyes look less numerous, and smoother. I recommend this product for someone who just needs a light pick me up for the lines around their eyes, but it is not an intensive eye treatment that will make the skin around your eyes ten years younger.

Image Source: Skin Regimen

Night Detox (Step 4)

This product is a night mask meant to detoxify and moisturize. This is perhaps my favorite product of the bunch- the cream is thick and smooth, and feels extremely relaxing when applied. It is the perfect product to finish off your skincare routine, since it gives your face an extra dose of moisture, while also relaxing your facial muscles, and relieving stress. I wake up in the morning and my face feels very soft, and nourished. I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an overnight mask, or needs extra hydration.

Image Source: Skin Regimen

Skin Regimen products are packaged in all-black, sleek, modern packaging that “reflects the contemporary, genderless, urban attitude” of the brand. All of the products are manufactured in Parma, Italy, at the location of its headquarters. They are adamant about using electricity from renewable sources. Their products are unique, and effective, and also have a certain anti-stress quality to them that not many other skincare brands have. I thoroughly enjoyed using Skin Regimen products, which will continue to have a place in my daily skincare routine.

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