How to Be an Empowered College Woman

College is the time to discover who you are and what you want to do in the world. Why not make a difference? Learn how becoming empowered will impact you.

The Key to the Future

According to Cambridge Dictionary, to be empowered means to make one more confident and to feel in control of his or her life. “The step before empowerment is to realize that women are fantastic creatures, they are a betterment to society,” says Katie Lawson, Psychology of Women Professor at Ball State University. Women empowerment is the key to our futures economic growth and politically stability. How does a young woman become empowered? 


Be Educated

Having research, theories, and statistics, in one’s repertoire is important when backing up opinions. Lawson says, “When women have facts on these topics, it leads them to feeling more empowered and makes conversation more fruitful.” Be sure to use scholarly sources to have verified information. Kim Brown, Psychology of Women Professor at Ball State University says,  “Knowledge is power.  Once we know better, we do better.  When we learn, we can move mountains.”


Find A Cause

“Learn the facts, check the stats, and give time and energy to a cause,” Brown, “making a difference in one person’s life is amazingly empowering.”  Do research to find what cause suits your values best. Find local organizations to volunteer at, or, if the cause is global, promote the cause by sharing information on social media. Social media is a powerful tool to get the word out and even raise money for causes.

Get Involved

Being involved is empowering, join organizations on campus that reflect personal attitudes and project personal beliefs. Rebecca McElroy, English Professor at Indiana State University says participation is one of the best ways to see how powerful a female can really be.  Check your school’s website to see what organizations your campus offers. “An organization doesn’t have to be gender specific to be empowered,” says Professor Lawson, “but there are many on campus that were made to engage and empower women.” 

Woman Not Girl

Professor McElroy says that saying the phrase ‘I am a woman’ sounds more powerful than ‘I am a girl,’ and that empowerment starts in our heads by how we perceive ourselves. Men are automatically privileged and empowered, it’s up to women to make steps for themselves and each other to reach empowerment. 


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