Equilibrium Clothing

Started by Burhan Javid, Equilibrium clothing is a mix of sports and casual wear that is set to take the market by storm.  Already popular with social media, this clothing line is making waves across the globe with Burhan and his team showcasing the clothes.

Equilibrium clothing
Equilibrium clothing
nounplural equilibrium:  a state of rest or balance due to the equal action of   opposing forces. 

Widening the range to include womenswear, the team are now designing and aiming at a wider demographic.

The Equilibrium range itself lends to casual, and with a range of jeans, T-shirts, and vests being top sellers this indie clothing line has already made a mark being bought up across the world by gym enthusiasts looking for something smart to wear during and after sessions. 
With a clever and catchy name, the concept behind the brand is a smart, dynamic move in a new direction for Burhan who has already built a solid reputation as a model and promoter both in the UK and UAE.  
Building on his strong presence and that of his spokesman, the Equilibrium brand is gearing up to be a staple in gyms worldwide. 
For more information on the brand see www.equilibriumclothing.uk
Behind the brand video shoot

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