Global Fashion Agenda Announces Key Steps to be a Sustainable Brand

The Global Fashion Agenda (GFA), which hosts the annual sustainability forum the Copenhagen Fashion Summit, has recently announced their seven steps for brands to be eco-conscious.

The GFA is a non-profit created in collaboration with luxury and fast-fashion brands such as Target, Kering, Eileen Fisher, and Sustainable Apparel Coalition to encourage the industry’s shift towards environmentally-aware fashion. The group decided to outline how other companies could become sustainable in their CEO Agenda Project. “It’s a precipitator of solutions,” GFA President Eva Kruse said. The CEO Agenda consists of seven key suggestions to create an eco-friendly brand. The project was born out of feedback from industry executives who questioned how large corporations could feasibly switch to become environmentally-conscious.

“Our aim is that this document can actually help any CEO in the industry gain more clarity and prioritize what they should spend their efforts on,” Kruse explained. Kruse continued that it’s necessary to target CEOs and industry leaders because “those decisions have to be made on the top floors of companies before it’s ever going to be something that really drives the business forward.”

The CEO Agenda also lists that companies should provide fair wages and healthy work environments.

The CEO Agenda lists guidelines that brands should follow, such as supply chain transparency, efficient use of water, and sustainable material usage. The piece states that raw materials can define up to 50% of a company’s environmental footprint, and recommend for brands to use organic cotton or invest in developing new sustainable materials.

The biggest issue addressed by the GFA’s CEO Agenda is the need for a closed-loop fashion system. The fashion industry currently contributes tons of waste each year. Approximately 73% of the world’s clothing ends up in landfills, and less than 1% of clothes are recycled into new items, according to a study conducted by GFA.

The GFA-hosted Copenhagen Fashion Summit will take place in May. Until then, their CEO Agenda hopefully will plant the seeds of change within the fashion industry.