4 Cool and Unusual Things to Do and See in Boston

There are few places on earth lovelier than New England, any season of the year. From the pastels of spring to the lush green of summer and the bright autumn hues in fall, millions of tourists flock to cities like Boston where they have plenty to do but are just a “hop, skip, and a jump” away from all that beauty nature provides in the outlying rural areas. If you are planning a trip to Boston this year, you already know that you’ll be spending some time in the countryside. But, what will you do while in town? Here are four cool and unusual things to do and see in Boston.

1. See the World Inside Out at the Mappararium

Built in 1930, for the Christian Science Publishing Society, the Mappararium was designed by Chester Lindsay Churchill. Built to compete with the New York Daily News, with its mammoth spinning globe, the home of the Christian Science Monitor had to get the one-up on them. This three-story tall stained-glass globe lets you literally see the globe from the inside out.


2. Solve Mysteries at a Boston Escape Room

For one hour of fast-paced fun, solve a mystery at a Boston Escape Room. Here you can go with a group of friends, family, or coworkers to solve a mystery within an hour to unlock the door for your exit. Of course, you won’t really be locked in if you need out, but the whole point of the experience is to find clues to help your group solve the mystery. Each room has a different theme, so try several on your trip to Boston!

3. You Don’t Need to Die to Get into Forest Hills Cemetery

This is both a breathtakingly beautiful 275 acres of spruce and a cemetery built during the Victorian era. It is said that the only rival to nature’s beauty in the Forest Hills Cemetery is the man-made architecture of mausoleums dotting the sides of hills. While you may not be ready to spend an eternity here, you will certainly want to spend a day. Don’t forget to look for the miniature village and trees, which have been dressed for the occasion.


Photo by Michael Blanchard / www.gardnermuseum.org

4. Visit the Home of an Antiquities Addict – The Gardner

Once the home of Isabella Stewart Gardner, this amazing three-story museum is often simply referred to as The Gardner. Here you will see how one woman had an addiction for collecting artifacts from around the world and there are over 2,000 of them for you to enjoy. From paintings to sculptures to textiles, and even ancient manuscripts and letters, the entire collection is a wonder to behold. How one woman could amass that many artifacts in just three decades is, in itself, amazing.

Whether on vacation or just a weekend trip to Boston, these are truly some pretty cool things to see and do in one of America’s oldest and most historic cities. Yes, you may want to see some of those historical places as well, but these are experiences you’ll never forget.




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