REN Clean Skincare: Pledge To Be Zero Waste By 2021

Ren Clean Skincare pledges to be a zero-waste beauty brand by 2021. This will be a great step for this brand because it will impact the world with its beneficial policies and products. Ren Clean Skincare is the latest brand who decided to make a pledge for the best skin care.

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The beauty industry is making a huge turn when it comes to skin care. Most beauty brands are eliminating harmful ingredients that will hurt our skin in the long run, such as parabens, synthetics, and alcohol. Ren is a beauty company that demands cleaner skin-care alternatives by adding natural ingredients to their products that are vegan.

Ren Clean Skincare partnered with Surfrider Foundation, in honor of Earth Day on April 22. This Foundation is non-profit and its mission is to protect oceans and beaches from harsh environmental impacts. Its motto, “Clean to skin, Clean to Planet” is a movement that will change the beauty industry.

This is an eco-friendly program that will benefit the environment in a clean and healthy way. Ren will partner with the Surfrider Foundation by participating in over 300 beach cleanups. There are many more cleanups happening in other countries such as Europe, Australia, and the U.K.

Arnaud Meysselle, CEO of Ren Clean Skincare spoke in a press release and mentioned, “Since Ren Clean Skincare launched in East London in 2000, we have embraced our role as beauty industry activists and have never stopped looking for ways to improve the efficacy of our clean skin-care products and to reduce the environmental impact of our brand. Our passion for the health of the planet and our fearless approach to innovation empowered us to take the next important step for our company — extending our Clean to Skin mission to include Clean to Planet.”

This pledge also focuses on recycling all packaging. Their mantra is, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. The brand will work towards removing all unnecessary packaging, and design packaging to be reusable in another form or refillable.

There are other brands who are also pledging to turn their brand into a Zero Waste foundation. These brands are LUSH, Elate Cosmetics, and Tata Harper.

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