The Packaging Issue Waste

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Packaging items can take a whole lot of time to consider. They go through a system in which they get delivered by trucks, planes, trains or even ships. We see packages that are in large boxes, packages stuffed with tissue paper filled with Styrofoam, packages within packages, and more. They make it so special for us they give us a moment to unfold what’s inside the box.

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The fashion and beauty world tends to acquire most of the everyday packaging. Both industries understand that it’s part of their duty to get packages in and out of their method of business. They must receive the latest brands of products such as the cutting edge makeup line or fashion related brands like accessories or they wouldn’t be doing their job right. A load of shipping and selling their materials is part of their business.

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According to a survey designed by Fashionista, eighty-five percent of the people who work as influencers, editors, stylists, PR pros, models, makeup artists, CEOs, designers routinely send or receive packages almost every day. The bottom line, they do a lot of putting items in the box and removing them out. So the waste builds up more than you think.

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Most packaging waste comes from products that are small like makeup. Due to its small size and fragility, items like these can get damaged easily. So the more packaging and safety is a must in order to reach the final destination all in one piece.

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There are people who make packaging a big deal! Competition of fashion and makeup brands of whose fancy packaging style looks best is in trend right now. There are Youtube videos of people opening fancy packages to see their reaction. As Fashionista puts it, “there’s a whole genre of video devoted to it.” It’s true that fancy packaging can really grab your attention if it’s done correctly.

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Yet, there are others who feel guilty about packaging items and its waste build up. Although it’s great to hear customers feedback on their item they’ve received and posted it in social media, many fashion and beauty people tend to feel ashamed of what they have caused in the environment. The land waste has become a major problem because garbage doesn’t just disappear they accumulate. The more packaging received the more trash is disposed and all living creatures are affected by it. There needs to be a stop to end all this waste.

People have been using some alternative packaging in their business. Recycled, recyclable or not, this seems to be a possible choice for reducing packaging waste. Some brands have changed their entire method of cardboard packaging by taking sustainable approaches. For example, GreenWrap, a biodegradable paper-based alternative to bubble wrap and Styrofoam has been hitting the market in terms of being sustainable in the environment. Others have used recycled fabric bags and alternative mailing options to encourage consumers to recycle packaging once opened.

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There are several different kinds of ways to go in a healthy course compared to using the standard way of packaging. It’s up to the person if they are willing to make a change in the environment.


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