San Francisco, CA Approves a Ban on Fur Sales

Tuesday, March 20, 2018—San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have voted unanimously to approve a ban on fur sales. The ban which will go into effect on January 2019 of next year leaves furrier retailers to sell their current products up until the beginning of January 2020.

San Francisco’s estimate of fur sales makes about $40 million a year. According to Jim Lazarus, senior vice president of public policy in San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, states that among those who are in the business of trading fur, nearly 50 clothing and accessory line retailers will be affected by the legislation. This means that fashion retail stores, such as Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus (both of which are huge sellers of fur) will need to stop their product selling in its department. Many have even argued against the change because of the effect it has on their business.

Benjamin Lin, the owner of B.B. Hawk store that sells all kinds of animal furs, states that the effort of going against the stand and legislative won’t do any good since the decision has already taken part. “I cannot fight it, I will not win. I do not have the energy and the money.”

Lin’s showroom portrays a vast amount of different real animal furs which includes chinchilla, sable, fox, and Blackglama mink.  His latest fashion clothing line includes featuring a 60-year-old cheetah jacket in which he is restoring in his showroom.

Photo Credit – The Washington Post

Lin’s case of the story is like many others who are experiencing the downfall of selling fur products. It’s built on animal cruelty and the killing of some endangered animals. With the new approval of banning animal fur in San Francisco, this has made a stop to end all animal cruelty and suffering. Animal rights activists are very happy and glad that they have made a point of their campaigns and bring about political change. San Francisco now joins with West Hollywood and Berkeley in the movement of going fur-free.

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