Hema Vyas Psychologist, Speaker and Spiritual Mentor

One of the leading lights in spiritual enlightenment, Hema Vyas has built a reputation as a guest speaker and advisor for groups and individuals.  She has achieved the kind of accolades that make her a leader in her field, with a  BSc (Hons), is a qualified psychologist and hypnotherapist with 20 years in private practice guiding growth for individuals, groups, and organizations.

Hema Vyas
Hema Vyas: therapy, Spirituality, mentor, and speaker.

Taking a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing has made her immensely popular and a respected speaker.

“I believe that at the heart of each person there is pure gold – something so pure that it cannot be spoilt or tarnished; something that is indestructible. Each heart contains the unique wisdom to find individual happiness, success and love and by uncovering this wisdom, we will find the peace and joy that is our birthright.”

– Hema Vyas

Developing and expanding on her work Hema has a strong sense of self development and her teaching methods are respected across the board, with over a decade of experience in organizing retreats and meditation seminars.  Working with both groups and individuals to bring you back to more spiritual and accepting space, find your inner strength with her tried and tested methodily.

Taking a more holistic approach to her work, Hema’s therapy sessions are designed to help you find the inner core strength and acceptance to be yourself, teaching you to reach to the higher power and find your place.

Hema Vyas
Hema Vyas: therapy, Spirituality, mentor and speaker.

Reaching beyond your limitations and finding yourself in the chaos is something Hema feels strongly about.

To learn more about Hema Vyas see her website: https://www.hemavyas.co.uk

For press and media inquiries see: www.houseofikons.com 




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