CREME DE LAMER Spring Collection 2018!

CREME DE LAMER 2018 Spring Collection!

By Erin Schweinsberg

TPM Senior Beauty Editor


With Spring fast approaching, the beauty world is starting to launch their new seasonal trends and limited edition items! Crème De Lamer is one of the top brands that has just revealed it’s new line for Spring and it did not disappoint us!


Their first launch was The Moisturizing Cooling Gel Cream, which is a new Gel moisturizer infused with the legendary Miracle Broth! It delivers soothing moisture even to the most sensitive skin, the lightweight formula can be used morning and night, and the price range varies from $85- $315 depending on the size. Whilst it’s suitable for all skin types, it’s particularly great for anyone in a humid climate, oily skin, or skin that’s inflamed or irritated. It’s formulated specifically to calm and soothe skin, and at the same time provide anti-aging benefits and a natural finish!

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The limited edition Soleil De La Mer Bronzing Powder won’t hit shelves till April, but we’re already excited for this velvety bronzed powder with gorgeous swirls of pink and cream! It’s the perfect glow all year round in a traditionally elegant Lamer compact, AND this bronzer is also infused with the legendary Miracle Broth that’s in the skin care collection! It will be priced at $85, and will only be available while supplies last!


Another limited edition piece due in April, the Soleil De La Mer Lip and Cheek Color! This piece is also infused with the Miracle Broth found in the skincare collection, and is a moisture-infused pop of color for the cheeks and lips! Lamer usually have such a limited makeup range (foundation, concealer, and powder only) that this Lip and Cheek color is sure to be a big hit! It will be available in two colors, Coral Glow and Pink Sands, and will retail for $55!


Lamer is also launching The Replenishing Oil Exfoliator! Lucky for us, this isn’t a limited piece of skincare, this will be added to the collection permanently! With their last scrub now retired, this new exfoliator is a multi-faceted, transformative facial scrub, and works on 3 different levels to detoxify, exfoliate, and replenish skin in one step!


Erin Schweinsberg

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