The Territory of Dust

The brainchild of Czech filmmaker Maximilian Nemec aka Omar Zahid, who grew up with Spaghetti westerns as a child, so this homage to the classics is no surprise.  Built around classic themes, this film is starting to gain ground with the trailer finding its footing in the market and a campaign in place, and a vision to bring classic westerns back to the cinema screen.

The territory of Dust

Paying tribute to the 50’s and 60’s movies and a subtle nod to John Ford, this film is pushing to be a dramatic epic with a vintage feel.  Set around a simple story:

A story about retired deputy Joe Henriksen and his son Tony who put their lives at risk making a stand against slave trading. There is an evil man standing in their way – Frank McCoffin, the owner of the gold mine, who does not hesitate to fight for what belongs to him! Frank is a very territorial cold blooded killer!

It is a story about gold prospectors, slavery and the law-men, about the dreams, greed and compassion. 

Scheduled to be shot in Spain: this film is already gaining fans on youtube with the trailer gathering momentum and views on a daily basis.

The territory of Dust trailer link. 

For more information on the project then see their campaign or visit the website.  


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