7 Benefits of Post Natal Pilates Classes

Childbirth is hard on the body. Even though a woman’s body is built to endure labor, that doesn’t mean that recovery is going to be a breeze. Many women look for a recovery plan that will help them feel great about the progress that they make. If you’ve not yet found a plan you love, you might want to consider some post natal Pilates classes.

1. Repairing Abdominal Muscles

More than half of women experience something called diastasis rectus during pregnancy. This is the technical term for the separation of the abdominal muscles, and women usually feel it around their belly buttons. These muscles drift apart, and toning them with Pilates core exercises can bring them back together again.

2. Strengthening the Pelvic Floor

New moms often have some slight complaints about their pelvic floor muscles – typically surrounding how ineffective they are when sneezing, laughing, coughing, or yawning. Since the pelvic floor muscles aren’t a muscle group we’re readily aware of or consciously use most of the time, it’s easy to forget that they need a little pick-me-up. Pilates can provide just that.

3. Building a Stronger Back

When you’re pregnant, your back sways in to compensate for the big bundle of baby you’re carrying in the front. A lot of pregnant women experience backpack or general discomfort in their lower back. A lot of women find that physiotherapy and exercises like Pilates help alleviate some of that discomfort. You’ll find yourself with better posture in no time.

4. You’ll Locate Your Muscles Again

For a while there, you couldn’t even see your own feet. Walking up the stairs was a firm “no!”, and you weren’t allowed to carry heavy things. A month or so before you give birth as well as a month or so afterward involves a lot of bedrest. You can’t exactly do a lot, and your muscles wind up taking a pretty lengthy break. Pilates will allow you to become reacquainted with all of those muscles that you’ve missed while they were on vacation.

5. You’ll Find a New Social Group

If you attend postnatal Pilates classes, it’s shocking how quickly you’ll make friends. Everyone there has a lot in common with you – they’re new moms and they’re looking to feel better. As delightful as newborns are, they require a lot of time and attention that might distract from your healthy social interactions. By incorporating those interactions with your exercise routines, you’re getting a two for one.

6. A Positive Endorphin Boost

Exercise releases endorphins that help us feel energized and happy. A lot of new moms feel tired and down for the first few months of the baby’s life. There’s not a whole lot of time to sleep because the baby requires constant attention. Though it may seem counterintuitive at times, exercise can help boost both mood and energy. It will be a little easier feeding the baby every couple hours, and a half hour nap will do a little better.

7. You’ll Be Better for Your Baby

Traveling with a baby is almost like moving to a new apartment. You need to take tons of heavy things with you and carry the baby around constantly. When they’re newborns, holding them is simple. When they get closer to a year, everything starts to change. Building stronger muscles will make your mommy tasks easier. You can handle anything – you’re tough.

Mommy time is important, and post-natal Pilates classes can help you do a variety of things at once. You’re repairing your body, gaining strength, socializing, and feeling a little better about yourself all in a single class. It’s worth a shot.

Rachel Jackson

TPM Contributor, Rachel is a mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about traveling, education, and business. She is a Senior Content Manager at Bizset.com and Bizdb.co.nz - an online resource for relevant business information.

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