Calvin Downie artist

Calvin Downie’s art takes you to a new punk place, contemporary with a political message: his art screams post-punk anarchy.  A stark contrast to the humble young man behind the art.

Purr By Calvin Downie
Purr By Calvin Downie

A former model and occasional film and TV extra, his work is a mix of different mediums and show an experimental edginess that is spoken in paint rather than words.  Thoughtful as well as thought-provoking they show his leanings toward a deeper mind that speaks softly but carries a big stick.

Calvin Downie artist
Boys don’t cry by Calvin Downie

With a sense of anarchy, a little hint of punk and more than a little fire, the talent behind these pieces is evident and shows room for expansion into other areas.  Beautifully rendered each piece is a statement in its own right and is like a piece of his artistic soul laid bare, a contemporary of the Scottish market, he has the universal appeal of youth and the jaded eye of a much older man that comes through in pieces such as  the story illustrated expertly in the piece “Boys don’t cry,” perhaps a more emotive work than some and a reflection of the artists inner self, its stark use of army camouflage colors and newsprint make it both a statement and a cry for help in the same breath.

His artwork is all about statements and creates a visual sense of who he is and the man to come, creating a microcosm of art and a sort of visual representation of his voice that may or may not be heard if vocalized.

Calvin Downie artist
Eclipse by Calvin Downie

An artist to watch Calvin Downie is creating a vision that is both political and personal in his creative journey in life.

For more details on the artist see his website: Calvin Downie portfolio.

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