Must-Have Outdoor Tech for Campers and Adventurers

Going on an outdoor adventure or camping trip? There was a time when getting outdoors meant disconnecting. But, since our smartphones have become an extra appendage, leaving them behind is out of the question. Besides, technology has made outdoor activities even more enjoyable these days. According to some, following a beaten path is easy. But if you have technology with you, creating a path of your own is more exciting. So for your next camping trip or adventure out in the wilderness, why not take some technology with you?


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A Durable Smartphone

Going on an outdoor adventure has never been more exciting than now. Think of all the apps available to help you find your way around the wilderness. Don’t know how to set up your tent? There’s a YouTube video for that. With a camera handy, you’re able to record and share campfire memories instantly. It’s just really great. The problem with smartphones has always been the danger of water. You didn’t dare get them wet. But the durable, feature-packed Samsung Galaxy S8 plus has virtually ended the water problem. Here’s how:

There’s this thing called IP68. It’s a rating for dust and water protection on smartphones. The 6 is for dust and the 8 is for water. The S8 plus has one of the highest ratings for water protection around. So if you want to go rafting with your smartphone, no need to worry about falling in the water. Even getting caught in the rain is no biggie. This phone has got you covered.

The Coolest Cooler

Back in the day when we walked to school in our bare feet, uphill, both ways, Styrofoam coolers were all we had. Those flimsy coolers wouldn’t keep ice for a day in the middle of winter. Today, coolers will keep ice for a week in the desert heat. The Coolest Cooler is smarter than the days of Styrofoam. Now we have options like lights, chargers, Bluetooth speakers, and even a blender. I mean, how cool is that? I’d say its ice cool.

Lithium batteries and solar charging panels are additions for some coolers. Plus, other advanced technology. The cost of some of these advancements is a bit high yet for us regular people. But it won’t take long before the population at large can afford this technology. So stay tuned for what lies ahead.


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UV Water Purifier

Going on an extended hike can be a pain when you consider having to carry water. That stuff is heavy. And the risk of botulism, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid from drinking water in the wild is always a danger. What you need to take along is a UV light water purifier. The handheld SteriPEN comes highly recommended at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. It’s a necessity, because you won’t survive in the wild long without clean, drinkable water.

SteriPEN is this handheld device that uses UV light to purify your water. In less than a minute, it cleans 16 ounces of clear water. So when you need to stop for a break, just fill your bottle and relax. In a minute you will have clean water to drink without worrying about all the junk. Stay safe out there and make sure your water is clean.

Solar Chargers

The above devices are worthless if you run down the power. So, of course, you need a charger. The best solar charger with battery storage is Solar Monkey. Even on low light days, this charger will work for you. Plus, it’s great for hanging off your backpack while hiking, making it possible for you to have power available by nighttime. Check them out.

And just in case of emergency, a great failsafe is the FRX3. It has a hand crank for generating a small amount of power. It can provide just enough power to charge your phone and get help if you need it. Or it can power up your GPS to help you figure out where you are and need to go.

So there you have it. Grab your Galaxy S8 plus and The Coolest Cooler, pack your Steripen, and don’t forget your Solar Monkey and FRX3. Then get out there and have a wonderful time in the great outdoors.


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