ASPESI Fall Winter 2018 – Noble nonconformism and smart versatility

Honesty. Emotion. Subtlety. Irreverence. Authenticity. Quality. Expressiveness. Precision. Refinement. Sprezzatura. A passion for wise everyday clothes, quietly luxurious and unexpectedly streamlined. The sublime attitude of not standing out. Uncompromising values; upbeat flashes of alternative, provocative playfulness; originality and faithfulness to a style that is forever up to date. Always the same, yet always pleasingly different. Designed for a discerning eye, a modern connoisseur who trespasses the bounds of appearance and wisely decides to express herself, her personality and her own story.

Like Milan, those who love Aspesi are not looking to show off. Like Milan, Aspesi is at once elitist and democratic. Above all, Aspesi stands for Alberto Aspesi, the Lombard entrepreneur who founded the brand in 1969, ingraining his own extraordinary personality in the special nature of his work.

There are sophisticated ways to make one’s voice heard. Throughout its long life, the brand has expressed its values with radar that is just as magnetic and powerful as it is radically silent and unconventional, attracting those who were on the same wavelength. A sort of elegant objector communicating off the beaten path, entrusted to the most important talents from the worlds of photography and art. Among others, Aspesi has called upon Robert Frank, Peter Lindbergh, Oliviero Toscani, Tomato Studio, Paolo Roversi.

Following the natural evolution of the Zeitgeist – without leaving aside its nonconformist philosophy – for the first time since its founding Aspesi presents its Fall Winter 2018 collection during Milan Fashion Week, ready to open up to a new community of demanding international connoisseurs. A coherent and authentic debut for the brand – the creative codes that have defined Aspesi over the years are still intact yet updated in keeping with the times.

At the foundation is its passion and meticulous research for high quality textiles coming from near and far. Irish wool and linen, French silk, Harris tweed and Scottish plaid, Japanese cotton and chambray, Italian cashmere, the basic and aristocratic fabrics from London boarding school uniforms. A mash-up that at first glance seems anarchical but in fact takes its cue from painstaking precision and discipline.

A pioneer of the concept of the wardrobe, Aspesi has always built its collections around the strong identity of each single piece – allowing for the creation of a personal look by freely pairing different items, whose style mutates depending on the owner. Never overpowering. Concepts that are part of everyone’s design lexicon today but that Aspesi anticipated with genius insight.

Military inspirations and a love for uniforms and workwear are other leitmotifs, along with the constant creative dialogue between masculine and feminine. Sportswear legitimately belongs to Aspesi’s vocabulary: in the late Seventies the label was the first to introduce the concept of the down jacket, transforming a casual weekend item into an everyday urban statement. Legend has it that it all started from a conversation in New York between Alberto Aspesi and designer Franco Moschino, from whom the item takes its name “Moschino,” a quilted jacket still to this day in production.

A nod to contemporary style, the collection’s proportions and volumes are slightly redefined, but with respect and gracefulness. Pants are a hint wider, shoulders are roomier, and at times there is a more fitted and feminine touch. Jackets are shorter, the menswear-inspired blazer is boxy and tailored for a sharp, composed style. But there are no compromises when it comes to compulsive, shrill trends. Everything is conceived for continuity and integrity. Real innovation and luxury today mean staying true to oneself.

Photo Courtesy: Karla Otto PR Agency 

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