90th Academy Awards Features Sustainable Red Carpet Fashion

The Academy Awards is one of the biggest nights for fashion, and this year’s red carpet did not disappoint. With luxurious looks from designers like Rodarte, Chanel, and Gucci, the film industry looked their best this evening. However, two stars selected a more ethically-aware approach to their fashion choices. Get Out actor Lakeith Stanfield and actress of the upcoming film FLOWER Zoey Deutch selected garments from Red Carpet Green Dress, an organization that works with acclaimed designers to create ethical formalwear to benefit MUSE School, an environmental education non-profit.

Stanfield strutted the red carpet in an Ermenegildo Zegna Couture tuxedo. The features black contrast lapels made of Tussah silk. The rare Tussah silk is harvested in a minimally-invasive process, making the material environmentally-conscious. “For this reason, unlike a silk yarn produced with greater mechanical interventions, the yarn of Tussah silk features irregularities that create a rich texture, typical of wild, natural breeding,” a Zegna spokesperson explained.

Stanfield stars in one of the most talked about films of 2017, Get Out. The movie has four Oscar nominations. His tuxedo choice for the ceremony was deeply meaningful to the actor. “I’ll be at the Oscars representing,” Stanfield explained. “I want to do my part to spread the love on this planet we all share.”

Red Carpet Green Dress founder Suzy Amis Cameron expressed her excitement at partnering with Stanfield. “This year is extraordinarily special being able to have a remarkable actor to represent us at the Academy Awards,” Cameron said. “I am humbled and excited to have Lakeith illustrate ethical high-end fashion at this year’s Oscars.”

Actress Zoey Deutch opts for an eco-friendly Elie Saab gown.

Actress Deutch donned an eco-conscious Elie Saab Haute Couture gown. The stunning hand-beaded lilac dress had an Art Deco vintage flair– a definite standout on the red carpet.

Red Carpet Green Dress was founded by actress and environmental advocate Cameron in 2009. Amis Cameron herself is deeply intertwined within Hollywood elite; she is the fifth wife of Oscar-winning director James Cameron. Each year, Red Carpet Green Dress partners with different companies to provide charitable funding for the MUSE School that founder Cameron runs with her sister, Rebecca Amis. This year, Red Carpet Green Dress is partnered with sponsors Absolute Elyx and Tesla.

Cameron decided to pair her love for fashion with her passion for environmental awareness. “It’s so much more than a pretty dress. For me, fashion has to have a soul or it feels empty,” Cameron mused. “This project reminds me — and all of us — that that soul of fashion is really the people — the people who make our clothes, how they make them, where and how green that process is.”

Celebrities like Emma Roberts, Sophie Turner, Naomie Harris, and Ginna Rodriguez have previously partnered with the foundation. Hopefully, more stars will participate with the green fashion movement to draw attention not only to their outfits but to the charitable meaning behind them.

“A shift is taking place in our country and more and more people are wanting to do their part bettering the environment and themselves,” Cameron said. “Our network of designers, talent, and sponsors are all expanding because they are seeing how sustainable living directly impacts our lives in the present and in the future.”


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