Circle Clothing

Started by 19-year-old Vlad Badalov, Circle Clothing was born out of frustration at the lack of quality, fashionable streetwear in his native Kiev.  Originally a backroom startup he soon gained notoriety on the rave scene for his unique clothes and eye for detail.  Quoting the designer:

” I decided to create something of my own, clothes that I will try to put meaning, quality, practical and beautiful.”

The latest collection takes inspiration from various designers and feels like a revamp of the 90’s grunge movement, an anarchic twist on an old theme that is freshened up for the rave generation.

Rare by Circle Clothing
Circle Clothing from the Rare Collection

Entitled “Rare” this new wave clothing is already a popular underground brand gaining strength across Eastern Europe.

With a reverent nod to his friends, Vlad acknowledges their influence and talks openly about their support for his new grunge style.  This fresh look at rave culture from an Eastern Europe perspective gives insight into the youth culture of the area and shows a design aesthetic that is both anarchist and grunge with a commercial edge to it that brings life to the brand and makes it more appealing.  In much the same way Punk influenced clothes in the 70’s Circle is now doing the same with its own collections and creating a beauty in bleakness that is entrancing.

The car coat with the reaching hand is a stand out in the new collection: practical and making a statement, it shows a deep thought process and attention to detail, focusing the eye, it also showcases practicality and design.

A small brand, Circle is growing in notoriety and will be the one to watch in 2018 for his couture take on a youth movement.

Rare by Circle clothing
Circle Clothing from the Rare Collection

For more details on the brand see the Circle clothing website.

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