Nae Shoes Show Compassion Through Fashion

Portugal brand Nae is pioneering vegan footwear with unexpected materials. Even the name Nae itself is in line with its mission: No Animal Exploitation. The men and women’s footwear brand incorporates alternative resources such as pineapple leaves and recycled car airbags to create sustainable shoes.

Nae footwear pioneers the use of vegan sustainable materials in shoes.

Founded by husband and wife duo Paula and Alex Perez, Nae uses local factories in Amadora, Portugal to create their footwear.

A local Nae factory worker in Portugal.

Materials include natural cork, pinatex, recycled airbags, plastic bottles, tires, and synthetic eco-friendly OEKO-TEX certified microfibers.

The new boots using recycled airbags.

Nae is pioneering the use of airbags in fashion. The brand recycles the nylon inside the bags to craft shoes. Nae introduced their airbag-based combat boots earlier this year.

A pair of Nae booties.

From stilettos to loafers to athletic sneakers, Nae creates fashionable sustainable footwear.

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