Kathmandu Films

Since its inception over ten years ago, Kathmandu films has gone from strength to strength working with teams from across Globe creating a portfolio of work that includes:

  • Documentary 
  • Film 
  • TV 
  • Commercial 

Although Nepal is one of the youngest film locations and producers in the world, they have managed to carve out a place in the annals of history, partly due to the work of the team at Kathmandu films who have spent over a decade building a solid reputation for excellence in film.

Kathmandu films
Kathmandu films

Currently working on their own collaborative project with an international team that includes Trend Prive’s own James Clark, beauty editor, and makeup artist.  Their stellar cast has built a reputation for their award-winning performances on screen.

Taking the experience and drive to build such a business is a huge undertaking and should be applauded especially in such a small region, in terms of world cinema, South Asia is one of the most beautiful regions and offers some of the biggest cinematic hits on record.  So for Nepal to be on that world stage is an achievement beyond the scope of Western culture.

With the development of the team, we see a change in the dynamic of the film industry there, with over a hundred recognized languages including English, there is a huge raft of possibilities that can be opened up for the company who are aiming to showcase homegrown talent as well as that of the world stage.

Primarily known for the documentary field, Nepal is considered one of the most beautiful locations in the world and has been featured in a variety of TV shows, films and is a staple of the Bollywood industry who use the country as a base for some of their own productions due to its rural nature and tranquility.

For more information on filming in Nepal or to learn about the company see the links below:

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