Boston–the Hub of the Universe

Back Bay & Charles River – Credit: WMedia

The city of Boston, Massachusetts is the perfect combination of the metropolitan and placid character. The capital extends far to various districts, all with their own unique charm. It is no surprise that Boston is the perfect destination year-round during all seasons. From budding daisies in city parks to the hot summers along the beaches on the coast, to the crisp leaves falling on our apple/pumpkin farms, all the way to ice skating at the Common, Massachusetts brings you the perfect destination for any occasion.

From budget to luxury, Boston has it all. It’s too easy to find numerous of food and shopping options along the popular street, Newbury, as well as all throughout the city. No matter the location, there is something new to discover. Boston holds great value in their local small businesses, as well as our exclusive small fashion shops, including anywhere from luxury to vintage. You’ll be sure to find your favorite chain and a new love, all in one trip. From eating dinner on one of the tallest buildings in Boston at Top of the Hub to grubbing on Boston’s famous Shake Shack burger, you’ll always leave satisfied. It’s truly a city of fulfillment and satisfaction; there is everything for everybody.

Newbury Street – Credit: Boston Common WMedia

As for transportation, it’s just as prominent as in New York City. The MBTA/Bus Service is available from many stops across the city, conveniently by many popular sites, assuring your feet of some rest. While walking, there’s plenty of time to admire the beauty of the city. Being one of the oldest cities in the US, Boston has conserved it red-brick buildings and brownstones, reminiscing of those of an English town. From sky-scrapers to vintage cottages, Boston is the only of its kind. With their prestigious universities, art museums, yacht rides, city parks, ice rinks, shopping centers and unique food selection, you’re in for an adventure and some.

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