Votch Clocks in on Sustainability

London native Laura Stageman knew it was time for a change. After suffering from Topical Steroid Withdrawal, a condition with the side effect of painful skin loss, Stageman vowed to never wear the skin of an animal again. The newly-vegan Stageman left her television producer job to found Votch, a cruelty-free and PETA-approved watch company.

Votch focuses on sustainable materials for watch straps. The New Collection line is made of a TPE, polyester, and cotton blend, and the Classic Collection consists of woven microfibre with PU. All watches are free of PVC and plastic, flame retardants, and metal. But each piece also remains true to Stageman’s mission: to be completely animal-friendly.

The sleek finishes and vibrant colors of Votch watches add a minimalist trendy style, perfectly complimenting any outfit. Watches are available in a variety of hues and face colors.

All Votch watches are animal-friendly.

Stageman is not only fashion-forward but also fashion-conscious. She is passionate about abolishing animal cruelty in the fashion industry. Stageman looks towards the future of eco-friendly fashion with hope. “To me, leather goods are a result of suffering,” Stageman said. “There are now so many incredible alternatives on the market, with brands ‘green’ credentials rising rapidly as demand increases. Soon, I think there will be no need to wear the skin of another animal anymore for fashion purposes.”

The Votch watch is available in a variety of colors.

Votch strives to practice business transparency for where their products are made. The company proudly dons stickers with “Made in China” for their small factory located outside of Hong Kong with artisanally-trained designers. “It’s really important to meet the factories that you work with, build relationships with them and to make sure working conditions are on par to the standard you would set for yourself,” Stageman explained.

The company also benefits a variety of charities. Every three months, Votch partners with a different organization focused on helping animals or the environment. Ten percent of Votch profits are donated to the seasonal charity. This month, Votch is partnered with Folly Wildlife Rescue Trust, a charity dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating injured animals throughout England.

For Stageman, it seemed time for her to make a change. And it seems like it’s time for us to join her, both in fashion sense and in animal rights activism.

For more information, visit Votch Watches 

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