The Art of Detoxing

By Contributing Writer Peter Minkoff


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The holiday season is finally over, which means one thing – it’s about time you started detoxing! Everyone knows that winter festivities are all about eating delicious, comfort foods that aren’t really great for our overall health and waistline, so make sure you stay with us if you want to learn how to properly detoxify your body. Here are three essential steps, so check them out!

First of all, embrace healthy eating habits

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The process of detoxing should definitely start with adjusting your diet, which means that you should cut your sugar intake and switch to healthier food choices. This is important because you put a strain on your pancreas by eating a lot of sugar, which is likely to result in wearing yourself out really quickly. So, try to cut down on all sources of sugar, including molasses, honey, and artificial sweeteners, and eat as clean as possible. A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables will do the trick for you, as well as whole grains, legumes, and nuts. Of course, you’re probably already aware of the importance of famous green smoothies, which are particularly fantastic for this purpose. A quality blender and a handful of fresh ingredients will be more than enough to come up with this healthy drink that makes a perfect breakfast or an afternoon snack, so give it a try and you’ll see its amazing benefits!

Working out is the key to long-term success

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Needless to say, regular physical activity is beneficial for your body on many levels, primarily because it encourages circulation in the blood and the lymph system. This is crucial because improved circulation can strengthen your body, reduce tension, lubricate joints, and significantly enhance the digestive process, which contributes to the overall well-being. Besides that, people who sweat a lot are likely to get rid of unwanted toxins much faster, which is why working out is considered one of the best ways to make that happen. A lot of people love exercising in their local gym, but don’t worry if you aren’t one of them – there’s always an option of working out in the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is to get quality gym equipment and create your personal gym, which is a fantastic idea if you love intense workouts but don’t enjoy crowded places. Apart from helping you get rid of all those toxins, such workouts are also great for losing weight and getting in shape, which is never a bad thing!

Sweat it out in a sauna

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As already stated, sweating is more than wanted in the process of detoxing – no matter how gross it may sound. Even though most detoxing happens through the liver and kidneys, the truth is that they sometimes aren’t able to get rid of certain toxins – especially when the load is too large. It’s important to know that toxins that don’t leave your body this way actually get stored in the fat, so you deal with them through a secondary system also known as sweat. Well, this is exactly why you should embrace this completely natural process as soon as possible. Just make sure you take a shower immediately after a sauna or a workout because some studies have shown that heavy metals like lead, mercury, and arsenic can be found in sweat after physical activity (or sauna). So, ditch your soaked leggings, sports bra, and a tank top as soon as you’re done with your workout, use your favorite gentle soap and lukewarm water, and wash off those toxins. The soap will successfully get rid of the fat-soluble toxins, which is exactly what should be your main goal. If you skip this step, all that hard work was for nothing – at least when it comes to detoxing!

As you can see, there are a lot of great ways to start the detoxing process and feel as good as new after a really long time. Switching to a healthy diet, working out regularly, and sweating it out in a sauna or any place else is the most important steps, so don’t skip them and you’ll see a fantastic improvement!

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