“Salt Lake City, We’ll Be Coming Soon!”


Sung by The Beach Boys in their 1965 song  “Salt Lake City”, Salt Lake is home to the greatest snow on earth, fry sauce, and green jello! It is definitely a place you want to stop in on your next drive or overlay in Utah.

The first great thing about this city is the grid system. We navigate streets by how far you are from The Salt Lake temple. If you are 6 blocks south and 8 blocks east, you would be located at 600 S and 800 E. This makes navigation so much simpler. Another great thing about our streets are the widths of them which allow for more two-way streets and make  U-turns


much easier to perform; thanks to Brigham Young who discovered that a wider street meant more room for caravans to turn while another one passed by.



Probably our most notorious sight would be The Great Salt Lake. Home to antelope island, bison, brine shrimp, and tons of bugs that will feast upon your flesh, It’s said that If you dare swim in its waters you’ll never sink due to the immense amount of salt within it. Visible from space, The Great Salt Lake is only a small piece (along with Utah Lake)  left of Lake Bonneville that covered the majority of Utah once upon a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth (literally, they aren’t called Utah Raptors just for fun)

A few other things you can do within the city; visit our many Pioneer historical sights, The University of Utah campus (specifically the medical or engineering school), The Utah Capitol, the once “Hotel Utah”, Eccles Theatre, Utah Symphony located at Abravanel Hall, Ted Bundy’s old house (for those adrenaline junkies), and of course Temple square; especially if you’re around during Christmas when there is quite the light display. We also have a great nature scene with many trails to hike such as Mt. Olympus and Millcreek canyon!


Oh, for those Disney millennials, make sure to check out East High School home to the one and only “High School Musical”.



While Salt Lake City is remarkable in itself. To those who do visit Utah, I suggest visiting other areas within the state. Go check out the Park City ski resorts (home to the greatest snow on earth and location of the 2001 winter Olympics) Arches national park, Golden Spike national sight, The Four Corners, Dinosaur tracks in Vernal, Snow Canyon in St George (another HSM sight), and the Utah Shakespeare Festival in Cedar City. Wherever you’re at, Utah will never disappoint!

Ellie Cook


Residing in Salt Lake City, UT, Ellie Cook is a full-time student at the University of Utah. She is studying communications with an emphasis in journalism and Psychology.

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