The Arc: Glasgow by Pat Kramek

The Arc Glasgow by Pat Kramek
The Arc Glasgow by Pat Kramek

Created out of a passion for this beautiful piece of architecture, Pat Kramek has a personal attachment to this bridge in Glasgow, Scotland.  With a history of being a place of true working life: the world famous dockyards of Glasgow were built on the blood and sweat of an elite set of craftsmen and the bridge is a testament to the beauty and darker elements of the place.

Built around deep crimson reds and steel blue, the depth of this piece speaks of a warmth that comes from the strength of its history.  Reinstatement of a rainbow in reverse with the colour tones that draw the eye towards to the arc at the centre with its steel grey-blue we see the landscape as being a functional utilitarian object, making the whole things feel both comforting with its familiar scene and dis-quietening through its deep colours in the foreground and background enveloping the scene in a deeper, more thought-provoking way.

Glasgow has a history that envelops and evolves from its heritage as a graft town, somewhere that has been built on hard work and is now a tourist mecca for its beautiful architecture so expertly captured in this painting.

Every detail of the image speaks to you on different levels and on different planes, historically it speaks of the hard work and bloodshed of the dock workers who built the shipyards, conversely, it speaks to the tourist industry by showing identifiable landmarks, something that appeals on all sides.

More than anything it is the use of color that stands out, representing the transformation of the landscape, the color shift is visible when you stand at the site and see the sun setting, the change of tone to the dull grey to a warm rusty red is something to behold.  This painting shows both a historic site and a warmer natural side to the docks of Glasgow making it a beautifully well thought out and cultural landmark painting with a heart of solid steel.

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