BlackOut Restaurant in Tel Aviv, Israel

The BlackOut Restaurant, located in Jaffa Port, (Tel Aviv, Israel) invites you to an exceptional culinary experience that will trigger your senses.


In total darkness you will be served various dishes, escorted by blind waiters.

When the eyes do not engage in the eating process, one’s ability to taste and smell food sharpens. There is so much to be “seen” when eyes are closed…

Dining at BlackOut is one of the three outstanding experiences offered to the visitors of the “Nalaga’at” Center.

The Center – the first of its kind in the world, seeks to promote interaction between deaf-blind, deaf, and blind individuals and people able to hear and see, regardless of cultural or social distinctions.


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The Nalaga’at (“please touch” in Hebrew) nonprofit center is a stage for arts and culture that promotes an equal dialogue and leads to social change, with the belief in the human spirit and its ability to touch and make a difference.



Openness, tolerance and acceptance of the different, in others and within ourselves.

Prosperity: Center of arts and culture that provides an empowering experience to the public.

Leading Model: Being a model of integration of people with disabilities in the society, in Israel and worldwide.


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The center is home for the Nalaga`at Theater, “Blackout” dark restaurant“Kapish” events center and a workshop center. The center offers unique employment opportunities that assist deaf, blind and deaf-blind individuals in providing for themselves, while developing their own unique talents, skills and abilities. Over 800,000 people visited the center since its opening in late 2007.


“The evening at Nalagaat was a true blessing. The dinner lasted about two (completely dark) hours.  The waitress spoke English perfectly and shared her (heartbreaking) life story with us, while leaving all the self-pity out and teaching us a very valuable lesson. ”

(Catalina Magee– Trend Prive Magazine Founder & CEO) 

Catalina Magee

Founder of Trend Prive Magazine, America.Guide, Christianity.Global and Roast.Global. Romanian-born American, "seasoned" in Italy, "cooked" in Germany and currently serving in Israel. NCIS Special Agent in Charge EA.

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