MADE Jewellery: The Affordable Fair-Trade Accessory Brand To Love

Fair-trade, chic, and affordable, I mean what’s not to love?

MADE Jewellery, a Kenyan brand that was a finalist at the 2017 UK Jewellery Awards for the “Ethical Business of the Year,” is on a mission to cultivate positive change through their transparent ethical practices. As a fair-trade brand, they invest in their employees by teaching them new skills, providing a safe ethical working environment, and job security. MADE artisans create unique handcrafted jewellery and bags with their traditional time-honoured skills. And it is with these unique skills that you can see the love they have for their craft. As an accessory brand that has “the eye” for detail the artisans’ dedication to meticulously hand hammer designs on jewellery and attentively sow their leather bags shall not be overlooked.

The skills honed by MADE artisans can be seen in the detail of their affordable jewellery and bags. For instance, their Sky Blue Double Glass Pebble Drop Earrings (£30.00), is made from recyclable glass, which adheres to the individual character of each pair. The Bone Intersected Hoop Necklace (£35.00), is a brass open circle with bone detailing going through it. MADE’s Gold Shaped Cuff (£40.00) is a simply designed cuff bracelet with a hand hammered texture. The Casted Disc Ring (£25.00) is an adjustable brass ring with a hammered disc. MADE’s bags are also made of the same integrity. The IB Jambo Leather Satchel (£275.00), designed by Imogen Belfield, is black messenger bag that has cast brass char details. The Small Kips Cross Body Bag (£90.00) is made using locally sourced kips leather and has a tab and loop fastening. Between the sustainable statement earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and bags, there is a fashionable item for anyone who is everyone that loves to accessorize.

Every beautifully crafted creation not only tells the story of the hands who made them with love but that that love can be embraced by the people wearing them anywhere in the world. So, what’s not to love about a brand that believes in their own power to make a difference by treating their employees above the standard and creating timeless fashionable accessories? If you couldn’t find an answer, much like myself, I recommend that you check out the gallery above as well as MADE’s website to learn more about the positive change they are creating.


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