Everyday Was School Day

An original piece by the artist Stewart Nicol Soutar, Everyday was a School Day is a cathartic look at youth and the artists own experience of school.

Everyday was a School Day
Every day was a school day by Stewart Nicol Soutar

Like a dark tunnel into the human mind, this piece has an edge of coldness and fear, the heart of the piece being the schoolboy.  With a sad, almost backward look we get an insight into a time in the artist life that had its darker elements.  The muted tones of blue-grey in his figure present a sadness and almost reluctant to leave the comfort of home to what can only be a dull and uninspiring place perhaps hinting at darker themes and stories hidden in the mind of the child.

Though not wholly muted we do see flashes of color and texture hidden amongst the sharp edges and stiff more formal shapes of the background, evoking moments of joy in an otherwise bleak landscape of his character’s mind. The bold use of the blue tones implies cold, sterility of the institution parked as an afterthought in silhouette to the right of the child, when we do see the sharper more hopeful oranges and reds it reads a part of the past or something left behind a melancholic if colour reminder that childhood isn’t all sweets and endless summers.

To the child himself, we see a sweep of red in the otherwise muted tones of his sad, introspective look, speaking of bruises or perhaps of the art inside this broken shell of a boy escaping and bringing life to his bleak grey blue world.

The energy of the painting runs between sharp angles and clinical forms to the more grandiose and evidently important artistic realms that lurk in the boys head escaping into the world like whispers in the wind, peppering the surroundings with the motion that is more liquid in form.  Lending what could be a sad, almost tear worthy piece a kind of life.  Symbolic of the child within the artist breaking free of the bounds of sterile school life with its sinister, regimented coldness and showing that the child can be caged but not broken.

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