Adam and Alice Designs

The luxury brand Adam and Alice are like a breath of fresh air in the British design market, simple, elegant and everyday wearable, the company exudes an air of classic chic and every day lux for Bold and Beautiful. 

Adam and Alice designer clothing
Green and red silk dress by Adam and Alice

Built around what can only be described as a confection of everyday essentials and timeless accessories, they live and breathe the everyday woman who wants and needs something elegant that can take her from brunch with the girls to hopping on a plane to Saint Tropez.  

Understated in a way that only the truly chic will understand, the garments look and feel like something you could throw on to walk to the shops or to stride through the airport on the way to your villa or shopping, the elegance of travel is encapsulated in the details. 

Silk scarf Adam and Alice
Silk Scarf by Adam and Alice

From a simple shirtwaist dress to the hand painted patterns adorning the digitally printed scarves, which go as easily with London life as they flit elegantly across the water to Parisian sidewalks.  There is something understated about the Adam and Alice range that speaks softly with a designer touch and fine craftsmanship.  Their luxury ready to wear collections are much sought after and of course, the custom pieces are second to none and a true Adam and Alice woman knows that she’s in skilled hands.  

However it isn’t just about the elegant, timeless designs,  the company has a strong working ethic supporting and nurturing its team in other countries by paying fairly, supporting the artisan skills that are slowly eroding and being a women’s rights advocate in places that otherwise would not support the talents and skills.  

Black dress Adam and Alice Designs
The beautiful simplicity of the black dress by Adam and Alice

Everything about this brand from its ethical standpoint to the luxury of its fabrics whispers elegance and couture in the most understated way that only artisan brands can.  

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