Stewart Nicol Soutar Art

Stewart Nicol Soutar falls into the category or surrealist contemporary, hailing from the East coast of Scotland, his work takes a sideways glance at the world and creates something of a progressive and almost whimsical worldview.

Stewart Nicol Soutart fine art
The Benevolent Dictator and his wife by Stewart Nicol Soutar

His work is like a journey with Alice through the looking glass, both pleasing in its form and surreal in its outcome, a symbolic look at the world that will confuse and entertain you in the same breath, although Stewart himself is far from a cynic, his dry humour can be seen in his bios and online presence with a play on words and whimsy of text that is both amusing and somewhat cynical to the outside viewer.  The focus of his energy is the art and that is where his passions are and it shows when you look at the artwork.  The details and visual play are astonishing, with a surreal and almost childlike quality, we see details popping up we missed the first time,  a clever visual trick that is so often missed in newer artists, making his work a visual treat that rewards you each passing day. 

As a child he played with colour and texture in a way that could only lead to art school and has since become an iconoclastic scholar whose teaching methods have created some of the finest artist of this generation and will often relate the story of being a toddler cutting up fabrics and playing with whatever he could find to create something new.

Working across mediums, Stewart is a true artist and his creative drive is who he is.  With works that travel the globe and sell across the Southern states of the USA and a home base in Scotland’s West coast, he has seen his share of change in the art world and taken this on board with a cynical eye.

Building his more well-known workaround Scottish life, it translates as easily in Japan as it does in the USA or even in his home country, with everyone finding something in the piece that gives it a life and story that meets the eye of the beholder, making it all a source amusement.

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